" Live every moment in 365. Don’t let anyone take away your sunshine. "
About Me
Hi, I’m Rach- a foodie, photographer, adventurer and storyteller. I’ve created this space to share about the wonderful things that life has to offer in the hopes of helping YOU realize that the simplest yet most fulfilling way to say you’ve fully lived is simply living life as is, the way you want to. Here, we embrace our own stories, memories, mistakes and everything that’s truly us and realize that all these things make our lives imperfectly perfect yet so special. Life is crazy and always will be no matter how much we try to live perfectly so allow me to help you realize that you don’t need to live a perfect lifestyle to be happy. You just need to live life perfectly as it is for you - in your own pace and in your own terms. This truly is a life well-lived… simply living your worth everyday of the 365 days of every year.


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