To New Beginnings

Hello there! I’m Rachel, a 20-year old dreamer from the Philippines. 

I've been thinking for a long time about creating a space online where I can share my stories, including my love for food and travel, fashion, and photography. And now, it's finally here! While I'm certainly not a professional writer or photographer, I'm really excited to be starting this blog that's inspired by my vision of bringing a fresh perspective about life and everything in between.

I've always believed that everyone has a story to tell. A story that can inspire, encourage and even form connections with others. We each live our own stories every day, and my goal with Living in 365 is to share my stories that will help people remember that they are unique and beautiful just by having their own unique story.  In a world that's constantly inviting us to be insecure or to try to live up to social standards, I wanted to show others that each of our stories is beautiful, no matter how ordinary we think we might be. I have this vision of making storytelling more of an asset, that everyone already has and should be proud about.

Living in 365 is my story - a series of posts that will talk about the good, the bad and the unexpected in my life. I hope you'll stick around, and maybe even go one step further and share your story with me Everyone is already a storyteller, it's just finding the purpose.. Welcome! 

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  1. Congrats Rach! So proud of you! Can't wait to hear (or read) all your stories! Already added you in My Happy Wagon again! :)

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