Bean & Yolk

7:00 PM

You can never have enough food especially when you’re a foodie who enjoys unique food experiences and also a taste of new flavors. My love for food is endless and I’m lucky enough to share most of these food ventures with my cousin Mela, who’s a foodie as well.

We make it a point to try new restaurants or cafes every month.  We usually pick the restaurants to eat in if we hear a lot of good reviews about it, if we’re craving for their specialty, and if they are places still awaiting  to be discovered. Having different but similar palate, we make sure there’s something we would enjoy trying out together. 

I believe our food ventures are stories worth telling  because each restaurant or cafe has its own purpose behind their creation. Being able to share our experiences can bring their stories out there which can actually be special moments shared with loved ones. 

First off on our list is BEAN & YOLK.  It’s a little caffeine space that screams simplicity in the experience, and food it sells. The name itself already describes what they serve and that’s specialty coffee and egg-citing dishes that for us, leaves you wanting more.

Every dish we ordered was so delicious and the coffee was great. It was packed with lots of new flavors that we definitely enjoyed. Who new that a basic ingredient like eggs could turn a dish to something simply amazing. 

These were the dishes we ordered that you should definitely try for yourself when you stop by.

Chorizo Mama (P250) 
- Fried Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Home-made chorizo patties, BBQ mayo, Brioche Bun-

Missus (P185)
- Soft Scramble Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Sriracha Mayo, Arugula, Caramelized Onion, Brioche Bun-

We were also able to try their coffee and it had its own signature yummy taste that’s perfectly paired with their dishes! 

Latte Gianduja (P185)

Flat White (P150)

If you want a new take on your eggs or new flavors of your coffee, you should try Bean and Yolk. This coffee space highlights how even the simplest of ingredients can create dishes that are extra special. You don’t have to worry cause even the “ates” and “kuyas” who serve you are really kind and also friendly.  

Definitely an experience that’s one for the books! 

Address: Unit G6 Bel Air Soho Suites Polaris St. Poblacion, Makati, Philippines

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  1. Looks so good and I love how your outfit matches the theme of the resto (in terms of color)!

    Style Reader