Birthday with Little Angels

5:44 AM

There’s only one thing I want for my birthday this year and that is to continuously inspire people through the stories I tell. 

This 2017, I want to focus more on passion projects while also getting to share special moments with others. I want to get to do things that I love while reminding others that it’s never too late to dream. I simply want to remind people how beautiful they are by having their own unique story- hence why I created Living in 365.

I’m honestly thankful for the year that has been and the years to come. I’ve grown to become the person that I am today and I just can’t wait for what other things I’ll learn and experience in the future. 

Now that it’s only a few days until my birthday, I want to share with you guys the special celebrations I had with friends and soon to have with my family.

For my birthday this year, I want to focus on making dreams happen and I’m happy that I’ll be able to have one of my dream birthday celebrations come true. To start off a fresh year, I want to share my experience at the Little Homes Orphanage in Tagaytay. It was definitely a birthday salubong to remember! 

I’ve always wanted to celebrate my birthday with kids in need and I was lucky enough to do so last weekend. I was invited by my friends (who were also fellow February celebrants) to host a birthday party and I just felt blessed to share what I’ve been earning with others.  

Instead of the usual 21st celebrations, I decided to join some of my college friends on an orphanage visit where we spent our Sunday playing games with the kids, face painting, and trying our best to bring smiles in their faces. 

I couldn’t help myself! I tried face painting with my co-birthday celebrants.

I was also lucky enough to meet some of the kids. This is Liza, a little girl who despite being shy put a smile on my face. Her excitement was the cutest especially when I accompanied her to get her own Hello Kitty Tattoo. She hugged me too. It was so adorable!

I also got to meet little, Izy, who had the cutest smile. Couldn’t help but cuddle and carry her. 

I also met this wonderful family. This is Ate Dona and her two kids Jc and Denise. Jc is a 3 year-old, special kid who suffers having no butt crack in his body. It was so touching to see him smile when we gave him food even if we know the pain he suffers. He couldn’t stop eating the lumpia we gave him, he was adorably cute! His sister was a little bit shy when we were around but whenever we fed her, she couldn’t help but smile. It’s definitely in these little moments, that I feel so blessed to have put a smile on their faces even for a short while.

The day was fun-filled with games, magic shows and paint! We couldn’t help but also feel like a kid again. 

My heart was genuinely happy to spread joy to others, even in the smallest of ways. 

What made our celebration even more special was the little effort that we all gave to prepare special loot bags to give to the kids and donations to leave in the orphanage. It was our simple way of giving back to others.

This short yet meaningful trip was definitely an advance birthday gift to us. It was great to see everyone have fun! 

You could even support these kids by purchasing products that they make! 

My heart continues to be filled with joy and it’s in these small acts of kindness where we make a difference in the lives of others.  

Truly, a Happy Birthday to us! 

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  1. Ang saya! So proud of you, Rachie! Sama mo ang Squad next time!

    Style Reader