StrEATs of Macau

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There’s something about food that I love aside from its taste and flavor, and that is the story behind its creation. This year, I was lucky enough to celebrate my 21st birthday and Valentine’s Day abroad and I’m glad that I spent it with my mom and dad.

We went on a lot of different Macau- ventures and a stand out for me would have to be the street food that we were brave enough to try. Being a foodie, I really wanted to taste authentic Macau delicacies and I knew that trying their local “street eats” would give me hints of what their food tastes like. 

Getting to try different street food in Macau was fun especially when you’re with fellow foodies like my mom and dad! We made sure to prepare medicines just in case something  went wrong but nothing really happened at all. 

Out of the whole trip, I wanted to share this part of our Macau story first because I believe that through a simple experience like this one, you learn to appreciate local taste while exposing yourself to new culture. 

Here are some of the street food we got to try and they were all good in their own unique and distinct way. Definitely must-try places you shouldn't miss out on. 

1. Restaurante Tai Lei Loi Kei 
If you want to try authentic pork chop buns, Tai Lei Loi Kei is the place to be in! It was a bit difficult finding the way to the restaurant but the trip and walk was worthwhile. Aside from this popular favorite, we also got try their version of "fish balls" which had a unique taste to it! What made it interesting was the curry-like sauce you had to dip in. It was pretty good for a street food starter. 

*Pork Chop Bun * 

*Fish Balls* 

2. Sweet Potato Sundae in an Oreo Waffle Cone 
If you're torn between something sweet yet healthy, Macau's MCDO dessert could help you enjoy the best of both worlds. Who knew that sweet potato could be an ice cream flavor? I'm not a huge fun of this but its taste was really interesting, not the usual kind of taste you'd get in the Philippines. 

 MCDO: Senado Square 

  3. Pepper Meat Ball (or what Taiwanese call Black Pepper Cakes) from 台灣帝鈞碳烤胡椒餅
 Out of all the local pastries that I got to try, this has to be one of my favorites. Trying this flaky biscuit-like bun was a spontaneous treat, that was worth the Macanese pataca we spent. We actually unintentionally encountered this street cart and its Michelin star rating while roaming around Senado Square. Because of the flock of people, we were pretty curious of what they serve and also a bit fearful since there wasn't any english translation, only pictures. We didn't let that barrier get in the way though. We were glad to try it out.  If you'd ask me, it was a filling pastry with pepper-y and delicious flavors that's not like the ordinary taste we usually get in the Philippines. 

4. Portugese Egg Tart from Koi Kei Bakery 
A first runner up among all the food I've tasted would have to be the popular egg tarts of Macau. They are so damn good. Honestly. Couldn't take a picture of the place I got it from cause of the pack of people but if you're around the area, this is definitely a must try. I loved how soft the texture of the pastry was and the balance of flavors that it gave when I took my first bite. Yummy! 

 5. Jerky in Senado Square
If you're roaming around Senado Square, don't be alarmed if you encounter a lot of sales reps telling you to try their jerkies. I remember there were around 4-5 stalls in just one area and when we moved to another side, we still saw similar food carts. Don't worry because vendors selling jerkies are friendly (well the ones we bumped into) I got to try the spicy pork jerky and it was tasty! I loved it cause it was spicy. 

6. Shrimp Balls from Lei Ka Choi 
Last but not the least, my dad and I tried the shrimp balls of this wide yellow food stall (before climbing up the stairs to see the St. Paul's Ruins.) We were attracted by the yellow signages, people surrounding the stall and also by those eating around us. Again with the curry sauce (although it had different consistency), it was best paired with the shrimp balls we had. Loving anything spicy, my dad and I felt that it was a good snack after a long day! 

 * Shrimp Balls* 

Overall, our Macau StrEAT Venture was fun and one for the books! 

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  1. I think I should give Macau and Hong Kong another chance just so I can try all of these!

    I think I just crossed off the egg tart and the jerky haha! Catching up now as promised!

    Style Reader