More Than Just A Label

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When people found out that I was going to Macau, the first thing that came to mind was the gambling and night life in Casinos. Knowing that Macau is labeled as the "Las Vegas of Asia”, you can’t help but get the impression that all you do in the region is simply gamble. I honestly would say that (because the first thing you’d see outside the Airport would be the numerous Casinos from left to right) but after exploring the city, there’s honestly really more things to do than just spend money on free games and slot machines.

Here’s a quick recap of the little adventures I had  which I hope will help change the impression of Macau as just a gambling to a region to one rich with good flavors and history as well. 

1. Food Court Hopping in the Casinos

If you love food as much as I do, you’d definitely want to food hop from casino to casino. You’ll het to appreciate the architecture of each building while also enjoying the different cuisines they offer.

Food Court in City of Dreams 

Food Court in the Venetian 

Yummy yet Affordable Japanese Food 

Food Court in The Parisian

My favorite so far would have to be the Parisian and the best meal I had to be pork and chicken rice meal from Treasure Lake Barbecue King.

My Favorite Food Stall 

Chicken and Pork Rice Meal 

2. Appreciate Street Food from Senado Square and Taipa Village
Welcome To Taipa Village 

Streets of Taipa Village 

If you seek local flavors and wish to enjoy authentic Portuguese and Macau dishes then having a street food venture is must try! We went to a lot of different places. You can check out my other blog entry, “Streats of Macau” My favorite out of all the food we tried would have to be the meatball and the egg tart. They were so good, new flavors I haven’t had before. 

Entering Senado Square

Busy Streets of Senado Square 

3. Fill yourself in with a bit of History when you go to St. Paul's Ruins, Fortaleza de Monte and the Macau Tower

Climbing Up St. Paul's Ruins

Macau Tower

Top floor of the Macau Tower 

Get a quick grasp of Macau’s history when you go to these places mentioned. Mind you that there are a number of steps going up the St. Paul’s ruins in Senado Square but despite climbing it, the view that welcomes you is beautiful. It’s also important for you to know that going up Fortaleza de Monte was more of a struggle because of the steep steps but the trail journey was worth it. My parents just laughed the pain off. It was cute and hilarious. We also went up the Macau Tower and witnessed some tourists bungee jumping and sky walking. if you’re an adrenaline seeker, this is a definite must try! Couldn’t do it just yet because of my back problem. Maybe next time! 

Fortaleza de Monte 

View from Fortaleza de Monte 

4. Buy "Pasalubong" from Koi Kei Bakery 

If you want to bring home local pastries and delicacies, Koi Kei Bakery is the place to go! This is located in the Venetian. This bakery serves a variety of sweet and savory treats which you’ll definitely want to bring back home. We usually get the circle biscuits, candies and jerkies! I love the spicy pork jerky, Portuguese Style Nougat and the circle biscuits. 

These are simple yet fun things to do when you go on your next adventure to Macau! It’ll make the trip definitely one to remember. 

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