Twenty-One in Hong Kong

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There’s something about turning twenty-one that makes it extra special. I guess it evolves around the independence of living the way you want to, doing the things your really love and having the freedom to decide on your own.  I guess you could consider your 21st year as a big life step that makes you less of the kid that you once were (even if you’ll always be one at heart). I honestly think that being 21 is the start of being a legit grown up, something that we usually avoid.  I mean I can honestly say that I don’t want to be treated like a grown up just yet but I guess the older we get, the more priorities and responsibilities we have to take. 

I mean I’ve always heard stories of how your 21st year should be spent drinking and partying but that’s not how I wanted to celebrate. Instead of the cliché, "your legal, let’s go drink” party, I just wanted to simply do things that make me happy. I wanted to welcome my new year with a grateful mind and happy heart which I was able to do. I got to salubong my birthday with kids in need and also celebrate with my family abroad. I got to make two dreams of mine come true in a span of a month and I couldn’t feel happier. 

I mean come on after having 8 years of constant exams during my birthday, I knew that this year’s celebration had to be special, and who would’ve thought that I turned 21 in two places at once- Hong Kong and Macau. I honestly feel blessed for the birthday adventure we had. 

I celebrated most of my birthday in Hong Kong. Even if we stayed in Macau for our whole trip, we decided to ride a boat to Hong Kong. We spent 12 hours there. Who would’ve thought that you could spend a fun full day in Hong Kong even in just a limited amount of time? Here’s my memorable birthday venture in a nutshell that I hope will inspire you to make the most out of your 21st or birthday celebrations. 

1. Take a boat ride to Hong Kong through Cotai Water Jet 

My parents and I decided to take the earliest boat ride to Hong Kong so we could maximize our day there. We booked first class tickets to avoid the strong current of the ocean but it was still a bumpy ride. We got free food, enjoyed the fast wifi and relaxed in wide comfy chairs. It wasn't a breezy trip but it was worth the adventure! 

We also got to catch the breathtaking view of the sunrise which was the best way to start a birthday. 

2. Take the train to Tung Chung Station then ride a taxi to Ngong Ping

The Cotai Water Jet docked at Sheung Wan station and from there we took the train to Tung Chung. Since the cable cars to Ngong Ping were still on repair, we train-hopped for about 45 minutes

From the station, we decided to take a taxi to Ngong Ping since we had limited time in the city. To be honest with you, it was actually the very first time I felt like I was in the movie, Fast and the Furious. I remember our taxi ride was about 15 minutes back and forth. I guess this was because we were in the province side of Hong Kong so there wasn't any traffic at all. 

I've always wanted to have a birthday trek and climbing up 268 steps to see the Big Buddha was just about it. It was actually pretty cool to see Buddha welcome you. Climbing up these steps wasn't difficult for us, I guess because we experienced worst when we went to Europe. It was a really fun climb though and I was proud of my parents for coming this far.

The famous "Wisdom Path" was also in the same area and I really wanted to see it in person. Since we had little time left, my parents decided to stay in the area of the Buddha while I did a quick trek to find it. It was actually pretty cool to have a solo birthday venture even if it lasted for just 30 minutes. The view that welcomed me was beautiful. 

3. Have lunch at Crystal Jade, Harbor City 

My mom recommended we eat in Crystal Jade and it was a birthday feast to remember. We got to devour authentic Xiao Long Bao's (one of our favorite Chinese dishes) while also enjoying pork buns, fried rice and noodles. The food was really delicious that there weren't leftovers at all. You can honestly tell the difference of taste if you've dined in the branch in the Philippines. 

Xiao Long Bao 

Spicy Shrimp 


Pork Bun

4. Walk around and enjoy the breathtaking view of the skyline from Victoria Harbor

This has got to be my most favorite spot in Hong Kong! Feeling the breeze of fresh air while surrounding ourselves with a view so beautiful as this one was the best treat ever.  Couldn't help but enjoy the view with the best company ever. I couldn't have asked for a better way to slowly end the day. 

5. Get a massive birthday treat from Emack and Bolio's 

A birthday isn't complete without cake but instead of having a physical one to celebrate, I got to enjoy a massive scoop of birthday cake flavored ice cream with another scoop of Smoreo from Emack and Bolio's. I actually heard of this ice cream parlor when I was in New York City but sadly I didn't get to test it out.

 When I found out that they had a branch in Central Hong Kong, I couldn't help myself but visit this place. Finding this place wasn't as easy but the adventure to get there was one to remember. I got to enjoy 2 massive scoops of ice cream on a Rice Krispy MarshMellow Cone, a sweet treat to end a fun birthday. 

Overall the trip was simple yet really fun, definitely a birthday to remember! 

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  1. I'm really glad that you were able to do the things you want for your birthday last year and I hope you did the same this year!

    Style Reader