A Dream Come True

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This week marks a celebration of one of the most unforgettable and happiest moments of my life. This week, I'm officially celebrating my family’s Euro-versary when we decided to pack our bags and fulfill our ultimate “backpacking" travel dreams to Europe. Note: By backpacking we mean carrying our own heavy suitcases across different cities.

 It was around this time last year (April 23-May 16, 2016), when we started our journey across 5 countries and 10 cities for just 25 days. We experienced all kinds of weather from sun and rain to hail storms and snowfall. We also rode all  transportation possible from air to water and land. It was definitely a beautiful and wonderful experience that I could never ever forget--something that I can’t help but share with you all today. 

Getting to go on a Euro-trip complete as a family, I 
was able to reconnect with myself in all aspects- physically, spiritually, mentally and historically. The whole time we were there, it felt “magical" that I couldn’t help but appreciate everything that was around me even to the tiniest details. I guess the reason behind it is because we were able to visit more than 10 churches, 5 museums, and other popular landmarks that we didn’t want to miss out on. Honestly, being there, I was able to appreciate art and culture to a whole new level and also got to observe and meet some locals. 

So our first destination was in Paris. Here’s quick itinerary of the places we visited and how we got from one city to another. Hopefully this could help you create your own itineraries someday. 

First we rode a plane from Manila to Paris then we took the Euro-rail to Switzerland, Milan, Venice, Rome and Naples. We then decided to go Sorrento via boat then flew to Barcelona. When we visited these places, we were complete as a family. But because my sisters had work; my mom,dad and I took a bus to Montserrat then flew to Madrid. We also came back to Paris vice-versa then flew back home to the Philippines. 

If I had to leave my opinion on this route we took, it was actually well-planned and convenient. Kuddos to my sisters Alexa and Mel for being the best planners of the trip. P.S. They made the itinerary which I can share with you all if you’re interested. 

I know this trip might sound really exciting but it wasn’t as quick and easy as it seemed. We also experienced a lot of learning misfortunes. 

On my very first day in Paris, I was mugged together with my dad. And in the days that followed... wallets were stolen, my parents were injured, we almost missed our trains and tours, and we were victims of Airbnb overbooking causing us a place to stay in one city. We also couldn’t help but get lost most of the time since it was our first time there. Things like these weren’t overlooked but it definitely made the trip more memorable. Honestly for me, having these downfalls was a blessing in disguise, it made us bond as a family more and it also taught us lessons to avoid in the future. 

So…to commemorate this awesome celebration, I will be sharing with you photo sets of all the countries we visited for the next few weeks.  I couldn’t help but capture every moment and view I witnessed because it was too beautiful to forget. I hope you stay tuned and I also hope this will inspire you to make all your travel dreams come true — despite the good and the bad things that could happen. 

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  1. Excited to see them all, Rachie! I also can't wait to read your adventures and mishaps.

    Style Reader

    1. Same to you as well! Can't wait to hear all about your wanderlust experiences! ✈️

      With stories to tell,
      Rachel Y. (Living in 365)