Home- a place, a feeling, a thought, or an idea. It’s really anything you want it to be. 

We’ve all come across phrases like “Home is where the heart is.” or “There is no place like home.” which may have become too cliché for us but have always stayed true in our hearts. 

I was in my hometown a week ago, and I couldn’t be happier to be back after so long. I got to devour my favorite Bacolod treats, I spent time with my high school besties and I made new and lasting memories with my family. Whenever I fly back to the province, I can’t help but feel overjoyed to be surrounded by the people I love. It’s an amazing feeling that I’m sure you’d know. 

Anyway, I’m writing this blog, not to boast on what I’ve been doing back “home” but because I’d like to share with you my idea of “home." It has been a while since I was asked the question on what home is to me and I’d quickly like to share it with you all.

Well for me, home isn’t exactly a place. It isn’t a thought, feeling or an idea either. It’s more of a (special) mark that can never go away despite the distance that can come in between it. 

For me, home is when I’m surrounded with constant love from family and friends. It’s also when I spend quality time with the people I’ve grew up with and made lasting connections with. Even if I say "I’m flying home”, “I’m going home”, or “I want to stay home”, it’s not just the physical aspect of it but the intangible sense of getting to share special moments together with loved ones. 

I guess that’s why I noticed that most of us can’t help but say we love home-cooked meals since the people who most likely would prepare them are really special to us. 

Being born in the States, growing up in the province and now living in the busiest city in the Philippines could be the reasons why home isn’t just a physical space for me. It’s more than just that tangible thing. 

We may all have different reasons as to what home really is but I wanted to share my side to inspire you to really think on what really makes you feel at home and not to take it for granted.

Feel free to share with me and everyone else what home is to you. It doesn’t have to be any of those that I mentioned earlier, it could be something more special for you. 


  1. Hope you can bring us to your home soon! Haha!

    Style Reader

    1. I'll gladly take you with me whenever you get the chance. I'd love for you to experience our food and culture! 💛

      With stories to tell,
      Rachel Y. (Living in 365)