Nothing But You

A candid photo taken while I was posting something for work 

We can’t help but expose ourselves online and see how society defines what beauty is or how to live a good life. We can’t help but fear that we might miss  out on social events, interesting stories and even the latest trends. We’re always on the loop of the lives of the people we don’t really know and those we cherish the most. We can’t help but live our lives knowing the stories of others which at times we compare with our own.

This time around, "going online" has become a part of our story or even our everyday journeys. It has its good side and bad side which we sometimes can’t even distinguish from each other. I mean right now, with the likes, followers, shares in our posts, we can’t help but want these all for ourselves too. I honestly feel guilty cause at times, I compare myself to others especially when I’m in a mood but I realize that its useless and no point. What really matters isn’t how far others have come in life, how they show how beautiful they are or how they are happily living their lives, its all about YOU- and how much you’re living the life you’d always wanted or simply, the life you think your deserve.

Honestly, the difficult person to please is yourself. With everything that’s happening around you, you can’t help but think about your own life. You question yourself. I for one can honestly tell you that you shouldn’t let anything get in the way of what you really want to do or how you want to live it. You may not be the perfect person that everyone wants you to be but your are imperfectly perfect with the own unique stories you have to tell and the experiences that you yourself have witnessed on your own. This makes you stand out. This makes you truly beautiful. 

Never believe that beauty is defined by the shape of your body, your height or even how you look. Beauty really comes from within, from the uniqueness you have in this world.  More than that, don’t believe in the numbers of likes, share or followers as a definition of a good life.  A good life is one that you’re happy to share stories about to anyone or everyone to be exact. 

I know this isn’t a story to tell but a mere thought that I’d like to share. I feel like it needs to be out there especially in this digital age that we’re living in now. I know this message seems cliché like you’ve already heard it before but honestly I feel like it’s time for you to rethink about yourself or even about your life. It’s time to think of how this digital age has affected you.  Don’t be trapped by social media especially when it becomes a priority than just a leisure activity.  

When I was told to smile 

I for one can tell you that I’ve also been struggling. I know I’m not the right person to say all these but I know I’m trying my best not to make it control me.

I’ve been thinking and I think you should too. We shouldn’t allow social media to get in the way of what life should be and how we should live it.

No makeup, 4 eyes and a messy hair. Just like the photos I shared, we shouldn’t be ashamed to put our true selves out there.

You are beautiful and you’re living a good life! It’s a matter of understanding yourself first.  


  1. This is beautiful, Rach! I love it! Reminding you always that you are gorgeously awesome as you are. Love ya!

    Style Reader

    1. Thank you so much! Love you! ☺️

      With stories to tell,
      Rachel Y. (Living in 365)