Paris 2016

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It took us over 21 hours to reach the "city of love”, from the Philippines. I was lucky enough to have kept a travel journal with me to recall the memories, first impressions and series of events we had over the whole trip. Having this as a guide, I'm able to share with you all the places we’ve visited and also notable restaurants we’ve eaten in.  I hope this will give you a glimpse of the beauty of Europe and also what to prepare when you do plan to go. 

So first stop in our itinerary was PARIS

First Impression: A classic city with rich history 
Weather: Gloomy and Rainy 

Here are some of the places we visited: 

1. Montmarte: Beautiful yet Crowded Space 
Be sure that when you visit this place, you keep your belongings safe. Make sure to bring only a small bag with you because despite the beauty that surrounds you, you also have to be extra careful with the numerous  people around you. 

2. Sacre-Coeur 
To get here, you'll have to pass through Montmarte. Same tip earlier: Be extra careful. 

3. Moulin Rouge
This is located in the "Red Light District of Paris," Getting here you’ll have to pass by adult shops. Parental Guidance is advised. 

4. Trocadero- Eiffel Tower
To get the best view of the famous Eiffel Tower, it’s best to visit Trocadero! Sadly when we visited the site was being repaired. But that didn’t ruin anything, it was still at this moment when I realized I was officially in Paris. 

5. Arc de Triumph
Beyond speechless and the best part is that there was actual space in the middle of the road to capture this beauty. 

6. Disneyland Paris
Just like every Disneyland park, this fun place brought out the kid in me. I really love Disney and getting to face my fear of roller coasters twice despite the bad weather was a plus for me. 

7. Musée du Louvre 
This is where the famous Mona Lisa is kept and I feel lucky to have witnessed the beautiful masterpiece in person. 

8 . Concord
It looked very similar to the pencil in Washington D.C. 

9. Pont Alexandre III 
One of the most unique bridges I’ve encountered in my life. Despite the freezing cold, we walked from Point A to Point B. 

10. Notre Dame
Yup, the Hunchback of Notre Dame movie was the first thing I recalled when I saw this place. The church was exceptionally big and what amazed me the most was how beautiful the architecture was. It leaves you speechless. 

11. Chateau de Versailles
I’ve got to say this was the best Palace I’ve ever been to. It was so huge and so beautiful. Every room and space had its own story which made the visit more memorable! 

12. Saint-Sulpice Church
Known for the Da Vinci Code but I’ve never watched nor read it. 

13. Paris Point Zero 
This was actually a funny landmark that we were trying to find during our trip. It was actually on the floor. If you're curious, this marks the exact spot from which all distances from Paris are measured. They say this spot is lucky. 

14.  Eiffel Tower
I was lucky enough to catch this man-made masterpiece in all time periods--- morning, afternoon and night. No matter what time it was, it was still beautiful. Also a plus was that we went up the tower to catch the beautiful view of France. 

View from the Eiffel Tower

15. Ladurée
You'd definitely want to visit this restaurant, if you want authentic macarons. 

16. Au Clairon des Chasseurs 
The first time we tried authentic French cuisine in a quaint cafe. The lighting was beautiful because the ceiling was glass. This instantly became an inspiration for the coffee shop I want to own in the future. It was simple yet naturally beautiful. If you're curious, the food was good.  


All photos taken with: Canon EOS550D 
* Disclaimer: No watermark was added to the photos to preserve the creativity of the shot. All photos are owned by Rachel Yupangco. Any reproduction is forbidden.

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  1. Very nice photos! Made me miss Paris more! 😳💘

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you get to visit Paris again soon. ☺️

      With stories to tell, Living in 365

  2. Ganda! Wish I can also visit someday!

    Style Reader

    1. You'll visit soon (I know it!) and I can't wait to hear all your stories. 💖

      With stories to tell, Living in 365