Lucerne 2016

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Our next stop in our Euro-trip was breathtaking Lucerne, Switzerland.

Breathtaking might actually be an understatement because its natural beauty blew our minds away. I mean honestly, Lucerne had us instantly at hello.  Being welcomed with the beautiful view of the Swiss Alps (something I’ve only always seen on Toblerone packaging) and witnessing kind greetings from friendly locals, I have no words to describe the whole Swiss experience. All I can say is that I easily fell in love with the city and will definitely head back again soon. I'd also recommend you add this to your bucket list if it isn't there, because it truly won’t disappoint.

First Impression: Postcard Perfect City
Weather: Cloudy-Sunny- Snowy

If you’re planning a trip here, I’d recommend you check out some of these places we visited. Here they are if you’re interested: 

1. Chapel Bridge

If you took the TGV- Lyria train from France to Switzerland, you’ll be welcomed by this beautiful view.

2. Needle Dam

If you wander across the old town, you’ll pass by this majestic and calming dam that controls the flow of the Reuss River.

3. Muessig Wall 

It was a bit of a struggle to get here, but weve got to witness the prettiest view of Lucerne. Here youll get to witness the view of green pastures and neighborhoods with the Swiss Alps as a background--- something you dont see everyday. 

4. Lucerne Clock Tower

This was the first steep climb I've encountered during our whole trip. The struggle might have been real but the view that welcomed us on top was majestic. 

4. Swiss Lion 

This is a famous Swiss landmark in memory of the swiss soldiers during the French revolution. It was an honor to witness it in person. 

5. Old Town 

If you love cheap souvenirs (well for me I decided to collect shot glasses during my whole trip), you’d definitely want to visit Casagrande in the Old Town. If you do get to visit this place, you'll pass by colorful buildings that'll catch your attention. You'll really get to appreciate architecture like never before. 

6. Mount Titlis

My most favorite stop in Lucerne was when we went up Mount Titlis. It was actually my idea to visit this place. Despite the drop of temperature to -13 degrees and also the cloudy weather (which was the reason why we weren’t able to see much except foggy mountains), the experience to actually go on top of the Uri Alps and to witness the beautiful view of the snowy mountains was one for the books-- a fulfilling and happy feeling indeed! 

To get up to Mount Titlis, we rode a cablecar then the Rotair (a revolving cable car) which was an awesome first time experience for all of us!  

Foggy View from the Rotair 

Cloudy View from the Rotair 

Sunny View from the Rotair 

The first thing we did was go on a foggy cliff walk which was 3041m above sea level— the longest suspension bridge ever. Because it was cloudy and foggy, we couldn’t see anything but white snow. The view might have not been as perfect as expected but the experience was definitely one to remember.  

My sisters and I also rode the Ice Flyer and this was the first time we saw an actual snowflake. 

To complete the full experience, my family and I went to the Glacier Cave which was 20m underground. It was a cold and icy experience! 

Even if our timing was off when we visited Mount Titlis, it was right time for us to get the ultimate Swiss Alps Experience. If I had two tips to share with you from our trip up the Alps, it would be to wear the right amount of layered clothing and also appreciate your own photographic memory. 

7. Lake Lucerne

This was instantly my second favorite activity in Lucerne. We enjoyed an hour boat ride witnessing the natural beauty that Lucerne had to offer and the story it had to tell. It was definitely beyond any expectation. 

8. Swiss Alps

Nothing could ever compare to the beauty of this postcard-perfect view. 

9. Koch

If you’re looking for a yummy snack, you should visit this quaint bakery and get yourself this cookie and sandwich. They were so darn good.

10. Bachmann

If you’re familiar with Bread Talk in the Philippines, this is their version in Lucerne. Aside from just serving pastries though, they offered other meals too like pizza, pasta and salads. My favorite treat here would have to be the strawberry pastry. There’s nothing like it here in Manila. 

11. Terrazza Ristorante

If you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy good food in the Old Town of Lucerne, this is definitely a place you should visit. 

12. Zunfthausrestaurant Pfistern 

If you’re looking for a popular restaurant in Lucerne, you should visit this place. I suggest you come in early since it was packed with people when went. This place is known for its Raclette made from authentic Swiss Cheese. Even if I hate cheese (you’d know this if you know me so well), I took the chance to try it out and it was actually okay. 

All in all, I really love Switzerland and I’d definitely come back here if I were given the chance. Even if the activities here were as simple as climbing a mountain or appreciating the view of nature, this instantly became my #1 favorite place in our whole Euro-trip! Nothing can compare to this simple and laid-back country filled with good people and outstanding beauty. 


All photos taken with: Canon EOS550D 

* Disclaimer: No watermark was added to the photos to preserve the creativity of the shot. All photos are owned by Rachel Yupangco. Any reproduction is forbidden.

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