Reasons to Love Yourself

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Thank you so much Arra Abella from Style Reader for making me share this story. I truly believe that people need to be constantly reminded of how beautiful they are especially right now when insecurity has become the real enemy. 

I noticed how everyone (myself included) can easily drown from all kinds of insecurities because of the expectations we have of a “good life” instead of appreciating the “great life” we fail to see but already have. With all the different things we read, watch or see (both online and offline) we can’t help but want to live the lives of others, ones we actually think we deserve. With this mindset, we continuously hurt ourselves with our own criticisms to the point that we endlessly chase a lifestyle we know is not our own just to feel like we are perfect.

 ‘Cause of this, I think it’s high time for us to go beyond the surface and for us to see the authenticity that is and has always been within us. To bring this out, we need to learn to love ourselves first may this be from the way we look or how we live in the moment. To be honest, a love like this can be difficult to give but it’s the most significant one to receive. Don’t worry, it’ll take some time to fill yourself with the ‘self-love’ you need but it’s better to realize this now than never cause it is only by loving yourself that you truly learn to love others fully. 

1. You are the author of your own story.  Share it to the world! 
No two life stories are the same, which makes your own story special. Go out, experience different cultures, take the road less traveled and meet new friends. Fulfill passions, achieve goals and make dreams come true without hesitation!  Do all these with a compassionate heart. Don’t ever allow anyone to make you feel like a ‘nobody’ cause you will always be a ‘somebody’  whom everyone is ready to listen to. 

2. Be-YOU-tiful is (secretly) your middle name. 
Beauty isn’t defined by neither great looks nor structure. It’s defined by being who you truly are both inside and out (cliche as it sounds). Always remember that no matter where you are, and what you do, your beauty comes shining thorough. You just need to confidently believe in yourself always. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

3. Flaws are imperfectly perfect marks. You gotta embrace them! 
I always believed that their is a reason as to why flaws exist in this world and I think it’s because we learn to accept our true selves while also learning to be the best version of ourselves. I guess its having to balance both the negatives and positives together that makes us stronger and wiser individuals. So instead of endless complaining of what you ridiculously have, it’s time for you to learn to be contented.

4. You have a whole lot of purpose in you.
We all have reasons as to why we are in this world. We can be a friend, sister, brother, father, mother, teacher, etc.,and more  to the people we love. Even if our roles are just as simple as these ones, we can change the lives of others- big or small. 

5. You are filled with numerous passions. It’s never too late to hone them! 
As talented as you are now, you also have skill sets that makes you exceptional.  If you haven’t gotten out of your own way to hone the talent you’re blessed with, it’s never too late to do something about it. Life’s a journey. Wander, discover and explore!  You’ll never know what else you’ll learn about yourself out there. 

6. ‘Self-love’ can move all odds. 
With all the doubt, insecurities and negativity around you, you can’t help but feel  like it’s the end of the world (at times). To combat all these bad vibrations,  you’ll have to learn to be as optimistic as you can possibly be. You’ll have to  trust yourself more that you can encompass struggles like these even with little praise notes and compliments you give everyday. Honestly here, you’ll realize how the best mentor that your own life can have is  actually from yourself— ironic but true. 

7. You are limitless.
There’s still so much out there. Step out of your comfort zone and never stop learning! Being fearless and having the guts to continuously see new things has its own perks. 

I hope these simple reminders will help you realize how lucky you are to live the life you’re living right now even if it isn’t as perfect as it seems. I mean come on, that’s life. It’s an endless time for growth and acceptance. Hopefully, this somehow  inspires you to realize the importance of your life in this world and how the greatest love you could give and receive first and foremost is from yourself. 

How about you? I hope you get to share your thoughts with me and  I honestly hope this helped give meaning to a life you think was just boring and dull. 

Battling Awkwardness

Sunday, July 2, 2017

First Take: Hair Down, Standing Up 

Have you ever been in an awkward situation when all you want to do is break free and hide in a dark corner? I’m sure you have had these experiences of your own and I’m sure you know how isolated it can feel. I for one agree on how awkwardness can affect self- esteem and how it leads to self-consciousness and self-doubt. I’ve been there and done that. I’ve always been ‘awkward’ when  it comes to being photographed alone. 

I guess cause I learned to love photography and the storytelling that comes with it, I got used to being behind the camera that whenever I’m in front of it alone, I just can’t help but feel SO AWKWARD and clueless. I honestly salute those of you who look so natural on camera, it’s actually tough to be the center of attention- something that I’m not really used to. I know that the biggest combat to awkwardness is mere confidence which I continuously try to boost everyday. It’s not easy but I’m gradually getting there. 

A mini-shoot was done in our office last month because of the milestone I reached. Yup! I reached a year in the company I work in and I still can’t believe it. Honestly, so lucky to have met wonderful people who have become like family to me. 

Anyway, this shoot wasn’t even that big of a deal. It was actually just a small one but it was quite challenging for me. I guess because we were in our office studio with light stands, SLRs and photographers, which made it seem like it was legit a big thing. Being there in from of the camera was actually really awkward  for me that I tried to hide it but eventually told everybody. 

Second Take: Hair Up, Standing Up

I know it isn’t a big deal for others but maybe it means something for others ( just like me). ‘Cause of this, I’d like to share with you guys what I actually realized and how it can maybe serve as a reminder for you guys in the future. 

First of all, you shouldn’t be ashamed of how awkward you feel. There are just those days and times when you can’t stop feeling this way. The only way to combat awkwardness (which I see through other people) is through confidence and this my friend doesn’t happen in a day. It actually takes time and effort. To be confident is to think highly about yourself and to accept the current life you have. It’s about embracing who you really are while being true to yourself. I mean honestly there are times when I wish to look and be like others- something that I know we can’t avoid. What really matters is that you don’t substitute yourself  for other’s sake. 

Third Take: Hair up, Sitting Down

Fourth Take: Hair down, Sitting Down

Who am I to say all these right especially that I’m just going through awkwardness like everyone else but I guess the only way to conquer this feeling is to be the opposite and to be more confident.

It won’t be easy but it’s always worth a shot. Just like you, I’m also learning to be more confident in the things I do and that’s why I have this online story journal where I go out of my comfort zone to share things I’ve never done or enhance skills that I think I have. 

Fifth take: Anniversary Pose, Standing Up

Sixth Take: Anniversary Pose, Bending Down 

How do you battle your awkwardness? Don’t hesitate to share with me below. :)

Photos taken by my good friends: Nik Perlas and Martin Chua 


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