Live Your Story

Everyday of every year we create new pages and chapters of our life’s storybook. There may be a lot of good times and spontaneous bad times but at the end of the day what really matters is the STORY made.

STORIES bring out our overall beauty. It’s actually what makes us unique and special in this world. I’ve been continuously advocating how stories bring out the authenticity in every individual but this always seems to be forgotten in the present day. People need to remind themselves again and again of how true beauty lies in authenticity. It’s about being who you are while believing that who you become inspires people. 

STORIES connect us all together. It helps us find the comfort and love needed when we’re around strangers. Honestly ask yourself, have you ever gone through a day without someone telling you a story? Have you ever gotten to know someone without asking his or her background? Stories as simple as it is, can be so powerful when forming relationships, keeping them together and even making them last. These stories create never-ending connections and unbreakable bonds. 

STORIES leave an indelible mark in the hearts of people and the world. Even if we reach our end, our stories keep us alive. It’s through these stories that memories are relived and experiences are remembered for a lifetime. 

Having a story is special and that’s why we have to live life to the fullest! We live in our own storybook everyday and it’s best if we seize the day and live in each moment. However, this lifestyle seems so difficult with social media around. I can honestly say that I am a victim of this Social Media craze even if it comes to the little things.

Social Media has been a part of my everyday routine and sad to say I don’t even need to tell myself to check my SM (Social Media)  accounts every morning cause it automatically happens. It’s like my mind knows what to do and my fingers know where to press in my screen. 

Even when I’m out of the house, I still check these accounts while waiting for food to arrive, while waiting for a show to begin, or even just riding the car. It has become a normal habit.

Also, since I've worked in Digital Marketing for over a year, I’ve been exposed to these platforms 24/7 encountering different scenarios and endless notifications. And the saddest part I learned in this industry is that people are subjected to the number of likes and follows, instead of passion and personality to be labeled as VIPs. It truly saddens me to know that people excel over others just because of number figures. What I hate the most is when I receive comments online like “follow for follow” or “like for like”, honestly this shouldn’t even be the case. You should be followed for who you are and liked because it’s relatable or significant. Numbers shouldn’t be a measure of your worth. You are more than that. 

Honestly, going online has been a continuous habit. I guess because of its perks to easily submit work/ papers, communicate with loved ones especially those far away and for immediate entertainment. Also, because of that fear of missing out.

I’m sure there are more things to say about our online lives and I know it varies per person. 

I guess in my case, I've had too much of Social Media. Why?

First, I’ve questioned myself and the things that I’m doing. I can't help but at times compare myself to others that I get insecure of what I am currently doing vs. what others are happily achieving. 

Second, I noticed some stories that I shared in my e-journal are too templated or too cliche that I’ve fallen into the trap of blogging instead of storytelling which wasn’t what I intended.

Third, going online all day, everyday has been a continous habit.  

I know everyone treats Social Media in his or her own way but sadly I’ve allowed SM to affect me and it has made me overthink about many things. 

Cause of this, I decided to delete all my main Social Media applications for a while and I cleaned up all platforms and made sure to only follow the people that I know and aspire to be. I know this might sound weird or very “meh" to you but I feel like you too should rethink your online habits.

If you’re still okay with what you’re seeing and believing, then it’s fine but if you know that it’s slowly changing the way you see things and believe in yourself then might as well take a break and refresh yourself with real moments.

I’m choosing to take time off to reflect on myself and to simply enjoy moments- big or little. I’ll also update my personal journal and scrapbook.

We all need a break sometimes and there’s no harm in doing so. It’ll not completely end up how you want it to be but at least it’ll help you regulate and at least differentiate what you want and what others want you to be.

So I guess, all I can say for now is LIVE YOUR STORY AND DON’T LET THE STORY LIVE FOR YOU. I know how insta-stories and snapchat stories have been so popular these days but don’t make your life dependent on it. 

I hope sharing this story will give more meaning to the life you’re living, the stories you’re creating and everything you believe in. 

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