5:33 AM

In courage, there is strength.

I’ve fully come to realize how this line makes sense after some life changes this year. To be honest, making big life choices is and will always be scary especially when you don’t know what comes after. I for one can say that fear has always blinded me but with the support of the people around me, I've come to make decisions that have actually become beautiful blessings. I understand that it isn’t easy and there are times that what you choose to do isn't perfect as you hoped it would be, but what matters is that you actually did it. You made the choice.You’ve encompassed the one thing that holds you back and perfect or not, something as simple as this is a an achievement which you shouldn’t just overlook but be fully proud of. 

Quitting my first job, going through ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) surgery and trying out life abroad were major decisions I made this 2017. It wasn’t easy. A lot of tears were shred, minor anxiety attacks were involved and just plain fear all over cause I had to make these “grown up decisions” solely on my own for the first time. I mean these were big things and I knew that whatever I chose was challenging either way. I guess I realized that it’s simply just taking chances, choosing your battles, and learning from them.

Passing the resignation form was really tough especially cause I became closer with the people I worked with after more than a year. I remember shaking while talking to my bosses cause I didn’t know how to tell them or even how to properly say it. All I remember is that I did it for reasons that I knew were for the best. 

For the eye surgery, I’ve never been operated in my life so dextrose and surgical tables were new to me. It was awkward and uncomfortable to be honest, but what that 30 minute operation has done, changed not just my vision but my whole lifetime which everyday I can’t help but be grateful for.

Currently, I'm abroad testing out waters while trying to understand my life more. I might not have a job yet but I believe I have this simple purpose of reminding everyone about the beauty of life- how I’ve been seeing it, hearing about it and experiencing it through my own little adventures and stories while also reassuring everyone that the universe always has everyone’s back. 

If you ask me, I don’t have regrets with these decisions I made. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. I still get anxious of how my life is lately but I try to find more reasons not to be and I’m not doing this alone. I’m really thankful to my family and friends (who by the way I miss a lot lately) because of their love and support. Also, I’m really grateful to the Lord who has never failed to be there for me in good and bad times. I believe that’s enough to make any change worth it. To know that wherever you are and whatever you do, the universe and everyone in it will always be around you. 

So before the year ends, I guess it’s time for you to really ask yourself, what are the things that you've always wanted to do but have always been afraid to try. I’ve tried anti-gravity yoga class for the first time and it was an experience to remember. Next thing to try is Bikram Hot Yoga Class.  It’s never too late. Twenty seventeen is about to end and a new year is fast approaching. You could make simple or big things happen. It’s fine time to choose A or B. It’ll never be easy or perfect but what matters is you can actually say you tried and did it. 

It's time for you to have courage to follow your own curiosity. It’ll make you stronger and wiser to live the life you deserve. 

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