A Look Back 2017

What a year 2017 turned out to be! 

Ironic how from the start I knew that this year was going to be amazing. It wasn’t perfect (as nothing really is) but the past 365 days proved to me that life will always be beautiful and wonderful in its own little way. It’s just a matter of learning to appreciate the little things and to make most of everyday. 

If you ask me, this year has been a round up of big life changes and major decisions which were never planned or called for. A lot of spontaneous things happened which I will always be grateful for. It’s true how most people would say that everything happens at the right place and time. I guess for me, some great things happened this year which I’m forever thankful. 

This year, I also decided to focus on myself more. I offered this year as #SelfLove2017. I realized that the past years I’ve been distracted by so many excuses and reasons. I’ve been such a pessimist and worrier about life that it wasn’t easy crying and stressing out a lot... so I chose to make things different, better than what was. 

After a year of fully focusing on myself and learning from experiences and other people,  I’ve never felt more alive and more appreciative of life and what it has to offer. It was only when I fully got to understand myself more (which I realized is a never ending process), that I’ve realized what I’m missing out on. Life is truly beautiful and despite good or bad days, it’s still  your life- one to live to the fullest, always. 

Two days ago, I was exploring the city with my college best friend, Grace  and she asked me the biggest thing I learned this 2017. It was actually really tough for me to say and I knew I had to think it through cause I had so many. I guess to sum it up in one sentence, it would be to stop controlling all aspects of life and to just let life be. 

With so much pressure from society, it’s hard not to fall into a place where all you want is to be that ideal person doing the ideal things. It’s difficult not to feel insecure about yourself in a world where there are just so many expectations and standards. It’s a challenge to be the best you in a world where the biggest fear is to miss out. 

This is why this year, I tried my best to let go of following the standard and to live my life as it should be or even better than it ever was! And to be honest, having the chance to do this made me enjoy and love life more. For me, 2017 has been one of the greatest years yet with some of these highlights: 

  1. Launching Living in 365 online
  2. Celebrating my birthday abroad for the first time (Macau) 
  3. Getting to throw a birthday party at Little Angels Home Orphanage 
  4. Summer Trips at La Union and Boracay 
  5. Having a family in Virus
  6. Kapoké Bazaars and Networking
  7. ICL Eye Surgery 
  8. Moving and Exploring New York City 
  9. Visiting Walt Disney World twice 
  10. Visiting Universal Studios 
  11. Spending time with friends and loved ones

Although, aside from these are the little things I’ve picked up throughout the year which I'd like share with you all. Here are some lifeminders to give you the encouragement you need to get going through life or to help someone who needs it the most.

I hope these words help you make 2018 another great year ahead! Remember it doesn't have to be perfect but better than what was. Happy New Year everyone! Let's make this new year another chapter we'll never forget. 


  1. I will never get tired of listening to you (in person, of course) and in reading your life updates through this blog. I'm looking forward to the next chapter of your 'living in 365'. ♡

    1. Thank you so much Inah for being supportive. You are one in a million. Back at ya! 💛