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Don’t just merely exist, choose to be alive and LIVE. This is something I continuously tell myself everyday whenever I feel out of it or whenever I feel lost in my own pace. Having this perspective has taken me to places I’ve never been, made me do things that I’ve never done, learn things I’ve never understood fully and even eaten things I’ve never expected to try. I guess it’s really a matter of choice on how you want to live every second of your life and to be more than just “that one person” you think you are in this universe. You are your own kind of extraordinary so live life the way you want to cause we’ll all never know the exact “ends” to our own stories so it’s best if we endlessly create our "once upon a times” and to live life to the fullest always. 

This whole year, I’ve been able to appreciate life more than ever and it’s truly a beautiful blessing I wouldn’t want to exchange for the world. I’ve been able to do the things I wanted to do, things I’ve never expected to do and even now planning for things that hopefully I’ll be able to do in the future. I guess just having the time to read, write, capture and explore has made me see, hear and learn more things about life which I am constantly grateful for. Here are some of these learnings that I’d like to share with you all (a recap of some blog posts, thoughts and life learning captions on my IG account for 2017): 

  1. One of the greatest gifts you could ever give in this world is time. Give a portion of your life to do something you want to do, to make change the way you want to and to share moments with whom you want to. It's your life, make the most out of it! 
  2. There's beauty in everyday and that's what I love about life. No two days are similar and that's what makes it extra special. It reminds you that everyday day is a new day, a fresh start to do something new, to make more memories and to make every moment of your life count. 
  3. We shouldn’t be ashamed to put our true selves out there. Remember you are beautiful and you’re living a good life! It’s a matter of understanding yourself first and not being ashamed of who you are to others. 
  4. Home- a place, a feeling, a thought, or an idea. It’s really anything you want it to be. For me, home isn’t exactly any of these. It’s more of a (special) mark that can never go away despite the distance that can come in between it.
  5. 'Cause wherever you are and whatever you do, you'll always be reminded that beauty surrounds you.
  6. When life gets crazy, all you need is sweet serendipity. Treat yourself once in a while, you deserve it.
  7. Add color to the lives of the people around you. Keep in mind that the little moments you live in this world make your life and those of others beautiful! 
  8. Always remember that you're never fully dressed without a smile. Turn things around, put a smile on your face and let the whole world know how uniquely amazing you are! Your smile can work wonders. It can make up someone's day and can even make the whole world change. 
  9. It’s important to enjoy life and to make time for things outside of work. Work can get the best of you or even change you so it's important to make time to do the things you love, to enjoy special moments with loved ones, and to make each and every day count. Work will always have most of our time and effort but never forget what matters and learn how to balance. Posting this picture cause I miss the beach and the carefree & fun moments that come with it. Take time off and enjoy the beauty of life. Such a simple reminder yet sometimes forgotten.
  10. There's something about breakfast food that can easily make my day! Take this as a reminder to (always make time) to humbly spoil yourself with the little things that make you the happiest. You deserve it.
  11. Let Go and Let God. Make this a constant reminder that you can’t force things to happen and that everything falls into place in God’s perfect time.
  12. Some days we can't help but feel trapped in our own emotional prisons. We tend to feel small and enclosed in a space where we seem like we're drowning in all things in life. Today, I was reminded that despite the struggle, there will always be good things around. Life can have its bad days but greater days are coming!
  13. Never stop dreaming, make things happen and reach out and allow dreams to guide you and help you unlock your own magic. It’ s never too late to make dreams come true and to chase your own happily ever after.
  14. Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.
  15. LEAVE behind all things that pull you down and embrace everything good that is to come. You may not know exactly what is coming but listen to yourself and just let "life" be. Stop controlling or expecting what should be and just learn to live and love freely! Make the most out of what's left this year and keep a grateful mind and heart. It's never too late to make 2017 great or even greater
  16. You have your own goals, dreams and passions. You have your own interests, likes and hobbies. You are you and no one else. You’re one out of thousands in the world. Wherever you are and whatever you do, beauty is everything about you. From head to toe, in and out, what you do and how you do things-- you’re beautiful no matter what. We can all testify to that. 
  17. Stop hustling... just breathe and live in the moment. Sometimes, all we need is to pause, take a deep breath, and to stop making the future an excuse to escape the present. Time to live, love and enjoy the beauty of the "now". That's what matters. 
  18. There's beauty in every unexplored corner. It's a matter of wandering off, getting lost and choosing to discover something new.
  19. Today isn't just about the "thank you's." It's also what comes after it. The past few months have been overwhelmingly amazing and I am grateful for all the good, bad, and unexpected moments. Though beyond just words come the action behind it and on this special day I'd like to share that saying thank you isn't enough. It's actually extending that gratefulness to help boost the good of other people.
  20. Everything around you is a masterpiece waiting to be recognized for its own kind of beautiful.
  21. You are beautiful. No matter what race, size, color, status or nationality you have, you're one in a million. Your smile, laugh, voice… perfection! Even the way you talk, sit, stand, or even stare makes you different-unique from all. Don’t ever put yourself down cause you are authentic in your own way. Don’t let flaws inside and out define who you are because these exist to bring out the natural beauty you’ve had since the day you were born.
  22. You are you and no one else. Learn to love yourself.
  23. Live your own  story.
  24. To be confident is to think highly about yourself and to accept the current life you have. It’s about embracing who you really are while being true to yourself.  What really matters is that you don’t substitute yourself for other’s sake. 
  25. It’s only by loving yourself that you truly learn to love others fully.
This is not to say that living life will always be easy. There will  be tradeoffs, setbacks and a lot of challenges that can and will hold you back, Although, what makes any life worth living is to know that through it all, you made things work. You lived and not just existed. You didn’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. You made the life of you, fully YOU. And the best way for this to happen, is for you to get to know and understand yourself more. It’s a never-ending process that works wonders. 

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to live life and that’s the truth. The best way to live is simply the way you want to. 

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