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'Love is never lost. It surrounds you'. I fully believe in this and would like you all to think of it too especially when you feel alone in this world. To be honest, there will always be times when you feel a little lonely and you don’t know what to do but always keep in mind that you have family and friends who are there for you no matter what. And even if you’re not with them always, love will never be lost because the strange thing about the universe is that it will find more reasons to love you back even if it’s in the form of the things you love to do, things you love to eat, or even the people you meet. 

This year, there were so many instances when I just wanted to give up emotionally, mentally and physically because of how crazy career, stress and relationships were all together but because of the love and support of the people around me, I was able to go beyond backing down and learning to see these struggles as learning experiences. 

Let me tell you, I still get some anxieties every now and then especially now that I’m away from home. I’m missing out on some special moments and I miss my loved ones dearly. I knew that the biggest tradeoff of going abroad would have to be missing out and leaving loved ones behind but I’m just really lucky that I have a wonderful family and amazing friends who even if we don’t meet or see each other all the time, we all continue to remain the same wonderful people we are. Currently, I’ve been doing things that I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve been loving each and every moment. Also, I’m living with my siblings after years and it has been nothing but awesome. 

Truly, love is and will always be around and sometimes to fully see and believe in it,  we need to consciously learn to love ourselves first. A love like this can be difficult to give but it’s the most significant one to receive. Don’t worry, it’ll take some time to fill yourself with the ‘self-love’ you need but it’s better to realize this now than never cause it is only by truly loving yourself that you learn to love others and other things fully. 

After being in a three year relationship and now single for over a year, I committed to constantly understand myself more. And even if it’s just baby steps , it still matters cause you moved forward. 

So before the year ends, I’d just like to share how happy I am  to be in love  with life and everything about it. I do hope you learn to love it too cause even if it’s not always perfect, it’s still your own and you can live it how you want to. 

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