Merry Wordmas 2017

4:32 AM

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited. Most folks would know that I absolutely love this holiday and everything about it. Some highlights include the following:
  1. Spending fun time with loved ones,
  2. Sharing joy & love with people,
  3. Endlessly listening to Christmas carols,
  4. Decorating spaces with holiday decors,
  5. But most importantly celebrating a new year with the Lord and thanking him for a year that was.
Every year we’re given the greatest gift TO LIVE which I believe is far more wonderful than what anyone else could ask for. At times we can’t help but forget this simple yet greatest blessing cause of the emotions, feelings and material possessions that get in our way. 

So in line with this season of giving, I’d like to spread the Christmas spirit from the root of holiday cheer which is giving back gratitude to those who have made this year unbelievable. I decided to create a segment here in Living in 365 called Merry Wordmas in which every week up until Christmas, I share four words that have made this year one I’ll never forget. 

I’ll be sharing with you simple stories and experiences that have made me who I am today- not perfect but continuously better which I do hope can help you rethink of your life and the greatest gifts that made you who you are today. 

Words will always play an important part in our lives. This is why I wanted to highlight some of them this holiday season cause it can mean so much and inspire a lot of people. So stay tuned the next few days as I share with you unforgettable thoughts and moments while we countdown to Christmas together. 

Don’t be afraid to share with me and everyone else some words that have made your year unbelievable. We learn from each other and I truly believe that this is the best gift we could ever give and receive, vice-versa. #MerryWordmas2017

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