Embrace Life's Little Changes

Saturday, July 7, 2018

After being in New York City for almost nine months now, I can’t help but feel that a lot has changed- and yes, definitely the good kind. It hasn’t been easy being fully independent in a  country that’s far away from the luxuries and serendipities of home but to be honest, I’ve never felt this fulfilled and “alive”. Here I am doing a 10-6pm job, trying to balance a social life with a passion project while enjoying hang outs with family & friends, doing errands & chores and simply making dreams a reality. 

Having to go through all these while also committing to do things for myself for a whole year, has made me realize that the little changes that have been happening to me lately, continuously make me proud of the person that I've become today. I’ve realized that I may not be the biggest person when it comes to huge success stories and that’s okay. What matters is that I've become the “bigger” person than whatIe used to be which I believe is the best success story there is. Think about it for yourself. Be proud of the little changes that have happened to you. Embrace the fact that you're a work in progress- working on being the best possible you.

I’ve always been told that the greatest change happens throughout the course of time but come to think of it, it isn’t all that. It actually sparks from the little "accidents" we encounter in our lives everyday.  These accidents are  the unexpected moments we allow ourselves to experience. Think about it...a month ago you wouldn’t style yourself the way you do now or you wouldn’t have found so much interest in a hobby you currently have.

 Change is unexpected and happens in every moment even when we don’t realize it. So this is simply me trying to tell you that you are your own success story and that in itself is the biggest achievement you can ever have. You’ve changed a whole lot from the person you were a month ago to be the real person you choose to be today. Embrace it. 

I’ve changed and I’ll always be grateful. It wasn’t easy getting here but here I am, ready to share with you all a quick life lately which includes some new interests and life updates:

Living Sustainably
Three months ago, I decided to live a more sustainable lifestyle.. I haven’t completely changed my ways, but I took the challenge to start which I’ve been happy to see results for so far. Ever since getting back on the grind, I’ve been investing on zero waste stuff. Right now, I’m just giving myself more time to live the journey cause what better way to make change than by choosing to begin, learn and live the routine.

Capturing Moments through Film
A month ago, my sister and I took a trip to the dessert and all we had to capture our crazy memories was our phones and a disposable film camera. From them on, I found interest in having a film camera that felt like my own eyes --capturing moments for what they are. Cause of this,  I decided to invest in an old-school camera that I bought on Etsy for just 18 dollars. I haven’t finished my first roll but I can’t wait to have it printed. 

Working in Operations
Right now, I work as a Customer Success Associate in a wonderful startup called Mercato and I am grateful for the things that I have and yet to learn. Being in customer service is no easy task so kuddos to you out there if you work under operations! It’s tough but learning to be patient is a reward. Also, the team is really nice and I’m glad I’m a part of it. 

Reading Self-help Books
As much as I want to help others, I also want to continuously help myself too.  I do this by reading self- help books and these are my favorites so far. If you need any suggestions, I made some notes for each book cause I love doing so. Currently Reading: The Art of Not Giving a F***

Trying out new Food and Dessert Places
If you know me so well, you know how much I love trying out new food most especially desserts. It makes me the happiest person in the world and I’ve come to realize how something as simple as this can turn my day around. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to let me know or the other way around.

You know I love coffee and I try my best to try lattes from different cafes. They are so many beautiful cafes in this city, I am obsessed. 

Brunching Around the World
My sister, Mel and I thought it would be amazing to do this thing called brunch around the world where every month we save some money to have a good brunch featuring a different cuisine. So far, we’ve tried French and Mediterranean.

Thrift Shopping
Ever since coming to New York City, I’ve been obsessed with thrift shopping. I find joy in finding amazing pieces for such an affordable price. My favorite stores would have to be L Train Vintage, Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill and Salvation Army. There’s so much you could do to amp up your style and it doesn’t have to always be brand new. Plus, it’s a more sustainable way of both feeling and looking good which makes me happy.

Monthly List Journaling
To be honest, I haven’t updated my journal in the longest time but I’ve come to realize a new but more efficient way of doing so and simply making a monthly list of things I’ve done, watched or eaten it. I do it every end of the month now and it’s amazing especially for me who forgets a lot of times.

Thought Journaling
I’ve been having too many thoughts lately that I thought I could share them all by launching in Living in 365 again. I want to help others as much as I can especially those who are having a tough time and I now surprise words and motivation might do the trick. 

Surprise Motivation Messaging
I’ve been loving it when I surprise some of my friends with motivational messages. Sometimes all it takes is for you to take the first step in making someone’s day bright. Try it out. 

Being a Grown up 
The biggest change that has happened to me in this city is definitely being more independent - doing laundry, grocery shopping, sheets changing and all that grown up things. It’s tough to be a grown up but it’s also an interesting journey. 

Weekly Family Bonding
Family is forever. We  always try to hang out as much as we can because a week isn’t complete without it and I’ll always be grateful to them for making my stay here worthwhile. 

Snail Mailing
If you know me so well, you would know how much I love creating personal notes for people. Now that I’m away, I’ve been obsessed with snail mail and finally I’ve sent out 15 postcards which I hope goes to my friends and family. Let me know if you want one! 

Future Goals: 

Working on a Positivity Project
I’m working on a new segment in living in 365 to create surprise motivation and mindful posts for my reader which I hope to launch soon. 

Going on a Monthly Tourist Day
One thing that I miss doing in this city alter being back in the grind, is exploring and being a tourist. I thought of committing one day a month to actually self- explore and act like a tourist again. 

Collaborating with Friends 
The best way to keep passion projects alive is to do what you live while supporting others as well. 

So that’s all for now. This is me so far and I can’t wait for what is to come.

All these changes have made me, ME and I do hope you too embrace every change that makes you, the best YOU. 

Starting Again: Not Giving up on YOU

Saturday, June 23, 2018

As I am worthy of living this beautiful life; you are too. Never think less of who you are because you’re worth it. 

I know life’s hard. It gets tiring when you try to keep it all together, but hey, what matters is that you’ve given it your all. I’m sure it wasn’t easy getting to where you are now but you did it despite all the pitfalls and breakdowns.

Praise yourself, because this is no simple thing. This is your success story in the making. 

All of this seems so random to you now, I know. But one of the most important things I’ve learned about living my best life is that it’s never just self-lived, it’s “lived-together.” Think about it. In all the experiences you’ve ever had in your life, there will always be people behind them. It’s never just you figuring out life alone. It’ll always be with the help of people you know and love. 

With everything happening lately, I want to remind people that the world is beautiful because they’re in it. No matter who they are to me- friend, family, or even a stranger, they deserve to live a great life and to be in this world as much as I do. That’s why I hope instead of all of us searching for a purpose, we realize that being there for others is enough,  I have. 

I mean to be honest as much as I want my life to be all figured out, it’s still so unpredictable. I go through so many things just like you and I know it’s not easy. I cope with all of it the best that I can and through it all, I've learned that there is one thing that makes me never give up: my passion- be it passion to travel, write, inspire. Once you find it, it’ll help ground you.

Ever since starting Living in 365, I’ve envisioned it to be a thought space creating a community where we can all continuously help each other live our lives the best way we can. 

Everyone deserves a great life and here in this space, I’ve chosen to remind them of what matters: being treated equal to their worth.

With Living in 365, I may not help the billions of people I want to help in this world. But I can help YOU, and that’s what really matters. 

At the end of the day, always remember that the world is much more beautiful when you’re around. Don't take yourself for granted. When it gets hard, don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s not easy, but we got your back. 

The world truly doesn’t deserve any more good people to be taken away. It just needs more people to understand that life will never be easy, but it’ll be easier to face when we know we have each other’s backs. 

We’re in this together. You…me... all of us. 

Be Kind. Be Grateful. And most importantly...proudly Live Your Worth. 

This is Me: Simply, 0.0

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hi, I’m Rachel and Welcome Back to Living in 365--

A space meant to inspire people to find happiness 
and contentment in what makes them 
feel most alive, and
that is living every moment 
in 365.

Towards the end of last year, I took a leap of faith. I left the Philippines, the place I called home, and moved to New York City. And you know what? It’s been, by far, the best experience, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully describe it. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

After being here for more than six months, I’ve realized that to constantly live life to the fullest, it’s important to always take care of what really matters most: you. Self-care comes in many forms, and it should always be a priority - no matter who or where you are.

We place a lot of effort in trying to figure out who we are or what our purpose is. But what if instead of being (insert your name here), version 2.0, you become (insert your name here), version 0.0, your truest self outside of the craziness of this world, instead? 

This is Living in 365 - a self-care project told through real life stories and realizations that’s meant to inspire others to remember that their lives - the things that make them uniquely them - are always worthwhile.
The secret to living this life is simple...Make peace with you are and what you love and take good care of you, so you can take good care of others, too.

If you need a little help navigating this e-journal, check out some of my ongoing feature series where I combine my passion for living life fully, photography and sharing my thoughts.

Stor-We: A collaborative project where everyone is invited to read, share and learn from shared life stores. Here, everyone is free to be a storyteller, reader, friend or mentor.

Mindful Mondaze: A self-care initiative I started in order to stop dreading Mondays to start my week off right, a little ritual that I hope does the same for you.

Restless Realizations: A self-care journal where I share what I’m thinking, what I’ve learned and the experiences that have shaped me.

Rach for the Moment: A collection of photos and stories of the different things I enjoy, focusing mainly on food and travel.

Join the journey and together, let's live in 365! 

Mindful Mondaze: April 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Be the greater person. Treat yourself right and never turn back. You’ve done so much to get to where you are now so focus on rewarding yourself. You deserve it.

Sometimes life can get overwhelming that we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s important that we don’t lose sight of what matters despite the struggles and challenges we face.

So for this week’s mindful practice, ask yourself the simple question of What’s next? Spend 5-10 minutes everyday thinking about things you want to do and try then make it happen. No buts. The greatest investment in life is doing the right things for yourself so why wait for the future when you can do it now? Think about it. #MindfulMondazeđŸŒ·

Start the day bright to end the day right. Try to keep a constant mindset that your attitude in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. So, do the little things that make you smile as soon as you wake up cause something simple as doing this can work wonders for you and even others too. #mindfulmondazeđŸŒ·

Mindful Mondaze: March 2018

When was the last time you fully focused on what makes you feel most alive? For today’s practice, simply pause, focus and take 2 deep breaths. Clear your mind and avoid any distraction. Take a moment to just feel and think about your breath. Slowly breathe in (count to 6-approximately), Hold it (count to 2 ), and breathe out (count to 8-approximately). Repeat this as much as you can. Don’t rush. Keep your own pace.

With the constant hustle and bustle of life, we are so caught up with our own responsibilities, that we forget the one thing in our lives that significantly matters- out daily breaths. We forget to slow down and to be grateful for the things that happen to us everyday.

So find time everyday... even for just a minute or two to focus on your breaths. You’ll be surprised how it changes the way you see and treat things.

So go ahead...treat yourself right and feel fully alive. #mindfulmondazeđŸŒ·

Hey there! Don’t scroll down. Pause, take a deep breath and focus on yourself for just 5 minutes. It’s time for our first Mindful Mondaze: a chosen initiative to start the week right with a peaceful mind.

For our first practice, it’s important to reflect on the one and most important mindset when living mindfully and that is to take care of yourself—something simple yet most likely forgotten nowadays.

Ask yourself these... What was your most recent life-chievement? Do you remember each step you took to get there? Did you thank or praise yourself first or just waited for others to congratulate and validate your action? Think about it.

Sometimes we virtually focus too much on other people’s lives and validation that we forget the one thing that matters, living content and praising ourselves in real time... This time around, be your life’s biggest fan. Be mindful of who you are and how you are. Don’t get carried away by the ‘destination’ or how others feel about you, just enjoy everything about the journey and how you personally feel for taking the leap of faith.

Give yourself a pat on the back when good things happen, treat yourself to your favorites when you’re not in the best mood, listen to songs that give you crazy good vibes…and just do the little things to praise you. At the end of the day what matters is how you treat yourself and how mindful you are of the steps you take to get to where you are and want to be. I get it’s not an easy journey. Let me tell you that. But you did it. You’re here. You'll never lose your way.

Take this as a mindful reminder to praise yourself, to listen to yourself first and to embrace every little step, ALWAYS. #MindfulMondazeđŸŒ·

It’s post-Easter Monday and you know what that means... It’s time to rejoice and be glad. Forty long days have passed and we’re blessed with chances to start over again. Have you ever felt lucky? This should be the moment.

Today is such a long and difficult stretch. I know. Some of us are having a difficult time getting back to the weekly grind while others are easily motivated to be back on track. Whatever you feel, don’t miss out on those 5 mindful minutes of pausing, taking deep breaths and just focusing on yourself.

Keeping this #mindfulmondazeđŸŒ· short and simple. Decided that we focus on the one thing that keeps us going, our mindset. Have you ever asked yourself what keeps you motivated to wake up everyday or what inspires you to move forward? Take some time off today to understand the greatest motivation that pushes you to LIVE.

Keep in Mind: You shouldn’t expect yourself to have it all or be it all at the end of this practice. What matters is you keep a healthy mindset of contentment. Learn to appreciate all that is and was. Be grateful for the ins and outs of your own story. Living with a grateful heart goes a long way. Believe me.

The best way to be mindful is to practice it everyday. Challenge yourself to take 10 minutes off to do something different starting today even if it’s as simple as taking a walk, changing the first song you listen to every morning or switching up your style one day a week. It’s the little things that matter. Take it one step at a time. #MindfulMondazeđŸŒ·

Mindful Mondaze

It’s MONDAY yet again...Where has the weekend gone?

Time seems to fly by faster these days with reasons I’ll never understand. It has been 3 months into the new year already. Can you believe it? I still can’t.

Two weeks ago, I encountered an article on a magazine that instantly changed my perspective of things. It was about the practice of mindfulness and how in our day and age, we seem to forget to slow down, breathe and appreciate the little things. It hit me that most of us already say these things now but I’ll never know whether each of us just say it and not practice it daily. So this got me thinking... Why not make Mondays more meaningful than being the most dreadful day? Why not make Monday hate into appreciate? I know it’s hard with our time and own responsibilities but I’m taking a chance on it. ‘Cause sometimes, with all the excess noise around us, we just need to be reminded of the great things in life that we might have missed out on.

So I decided to take initiative and use this platform to bring back mindfulness in our daily lives. I say “our” because I too am currently working on it. Living in a world of social media mentality, I  realized how a scroll down or an encounter online can make a big difference in one’s life, big or small.  So every Monday starting today, I’ll be sharing some thoughts and practices that could help us start the week right. I’m calling this Mindful Mondaze, a weekly reminder for us to see life beyond rushed pace…and to just pause, breathe and focus on what really matters. #MindfulMondazeđŸŒ·

Believe: Mela and Rach

Monday, March 5, 2018

When in doubt... pause, take two deep breaths, and silently tell yourself: "To Believe. Just Believe. Believe. Believe. Believe." You can clench your fists tight while saying this if it helps. 

It sounds silly now but based on experience, the best way to fight any doubt is to actually make yourself believe that there is nothing to worry about. ‘Cause at the end of the day, what’s holding you back is you and to live life the way you'd want to, it'll be important for you find ways to fight the waves of anxiety and fear that’ll constantly bombard you.

This month has been a crazy mix of highs and lows both mentally, physically and even emotionally. I’ve been currently on a job hunt sending out resumĂ©s to companies. I’ve been battling out the laziness of the freezing winter weather by being more active through daily exercise and by being more productive through reading writing and exploring. I even can't help but be anxious and overthink most especially during down times.

It’s difficult to not question yourself and your choices when you don’t know the end to all your means but I’ve come to realize that it’s actually okay. Not knowing is actually a good thing  cause there’s more to uncertainty than what meets the eye. I even wrote a story about it here

Anyway, February despite being a mix of peaks and pitfalls will always be one of my favorite months every year cause well it’s my birth month and I know there are so many blessings to be thankful for. For ever set of 365 days I’m given on February 13, I’m always grateful to everyone and everything that has made my life fully my own. For my family and friends and well to the stories, adventures, memories, challenges, downfalls and all the things that make my life really interesting, thank you for making my life nothing but incredible. 

I guess what makes this year's February extra special is that I’m hitting it off more independently in another country for the very first time. I’ve got to do so many things on my own. I got to celebrate my birthday in the most intimate yet special way possible. I also got to catch up with my high school best friend who I haven’t seen for years. I even luckily got a second job interview in a beautiful office in Manhattan which hopefully I get feedback soon. And since it’s Lent, I’ve been more motivated to practice mindfulness in my daily lifestyle. 

My February has been interesting so far and it's ironic cause even with all these things happening, I’ve been more inspired to share my thoughts and learnings lately. 

So I'm sure you're wondering why I'm sharing my own February insanity with all of you. Well cause despite its craziness, I’ve been actually feeling good about myself. And it’s not just cause of my own efforts. I'm constantly reminded of something simple yet powerful: To believe.

So for this month’s stor-we, I focused on believing because I know everyone is battling out their own daily struggles and it’s nice to be reminded that having faith in oneself can actually make personal challenges into wonderful epiphanies. I know there will be times when you believe in something so much and it doesn’t turn out the way as planned so it's pointless. But think again…It’s better that you believed you could and did it rather than you regret you couldn’t and didn’t do anything at all. 

I’m sure 'believing' isn’t new to you. People tell you this always but ask yourself...do you listen to them or hear them out?  ‘Cause these are two different things and one of which can make all the difference. Take for example my life lately.The simple act of believing has made me reach father than I could even imagine. I’m currently living in New York City, miles away from what I was used to. So I guess what I’m trying to say is this: 

To believe is to BE-LIVE. Whenever you believe, you simply let yourself be and you allow yourself to fully live. By constantly saying this, you convince yourself to live beyond  all doubts and fears and to live life your way. I know life will never be easy with unwanted burdens and uncalled for challenges, but what matters is you trust that whatever you do is for you and because of you. And in whatever circumstance good or bad, you’ll always know that you lived life trying, experiencing and learning because you made yourself believe in possibilities and not just drown in fear. This is what makes life worth-living… you living your purpose, your way." 

Also, to make this Stor-We more interesting, I invited my cousin Mela to share her thoughts and stories on the theme as she too is a firm believer of chasing dreams and pursuing passions... This is what she has to say: 

"I want to think that I go by the saying, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there” because I know life will never be easy, and nothing worth it will ever be served to you on a golden plate.

I think we need to always bear in mind that pain and suffering is definitely inevitable. However, changing your perspective, having faith and courage, and continuously trying to find your purpose amidst all the chaos in the world, that’s always a choice … it’s never impossible."

So I guess this is me telling you to believe in yourself not just now but all the time. When in doubt, remember that it’s better to believe in making life worthwhile now than being too late and never. Take the first step .Live life your way. Believe. You got this. 

Year of Yes

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This month’s read was all about the courage of saying YES. It seems so simple in writing but it’s actually hard to do. 

I guess what makes it difficult is that I’m not used to doing things out of my comfort zone.If you’re just like me, you’d think of valid reasons and excuses to easily get out of unwanted situations. I don’t force myself into things that I don't want to do and even if I badly want to do them, fear always gets in the way so I end up not doing them at all.

So yeah, I can admit that I can be adventurous at times but I’m not at all fearless. I can easily tell myself to try or do something new but when I slight sense of fear kicks in, I completely chicken out.

I’m working on it though. 

This is why I feel my encounter with Shonda Rhimes book entitled the Year of Yes is a blessing in disguise. It helped me see myself beyond all the NO’s I’ve been easily tossing around. Her story inspired me to actually say yes to things that matter-- no matter how big or small they are. Instead of just shutting down an idea, activity, or plan cause of slight fear, I’m now more motivated to believe in myself, to gradually let go of fear, to try and see how things go before actually saying no.

It inspired me to give YES a chance instead of saying my usual NO in a heartbeat (unless the situation calls for it) 

Ironic right cause this is just a book and it easily changed my perspective. But for me, it didn’t seem like that at all.

Instead of it feeling like I was reading someone else's story, it felt like I was actually in a conversation with a friend and she was personally telling me ways on how I too can say YES to unlikely situations. This is why I absolutely loved the book and finished it in 5 days! Instead of it being a 'here you go these are the steps on how to say yes kind of thing', it was more raw and personal with true stories which made it more relatable. 

This is not to say though that saying YES is now my instant protocol in everything that I plan and will do. It just means that I’ll be taking the steps needed to actually consider it before saying no. Like right now, I’m actually allowing myself to say yes to things that I didn’t realize that I would like, ever. I’ve said yes to living a more active lifestyle so now I’m trying out pilates and yoga with my sisters. I’ve said yes to trying out healthier food and now I’m obsessed with avocado toast. I’ve also said yes to job offers that are not in my actual field and so far I’m waiting for final feedbacks. 

I learned that saying yes is more than just an activity, it’s a personal epiphany of worthwhile victories. That’s why I hope you get to read it. And not just that, Shonda makes you realize how no matter what, you should own up to your marvelousness and Badassery (if you’ve already read this book, you’d know what it means) 

I don’t want to give away too much information but here are my top 10 learnings: 
  1. A good story is not purposefully lying. The best stories are true. 
  2. Find your hum. Spend 15 uninterrupted minutes doing something you love
  3. Be a doer and not a dreamer
  4. Losing yourself happens one NO at at time 
  5. No one is going to be good as you are. Own you BADASSERY. 
  6. Never apologize for marvelousness
  7. Be your own narrator
  8. We are like mirrors, what you are gets reflected back at you. What you see in yourself, you may see in others and what others see in you they may see in themselves.
  9. Happiness lies in following the same list of rules. This is wrong. There is one rule: There is no rule.
  10. When you feel the need to apologize or explain who you are, it means the voice in your head is telling you the wrong story. Rewrite it. 
Shonda Rhimes is a true wonder woman and her ability to be a mom and a writer of four popular shows today is amazing! If you’re just like her-- willing to fight fear, allow changes, and be the best person you want to be, saying yes might be the way.

 Let me know what you think about this. xx  

The Art of Not Knowing

Monday, February 12, 2018

In a few more hours, my new year is bound to start and to be honest, I have no clue as to how I should feel, as to what I should say or as to what I should even do.

Yes, I will always be grateful for all that is and was but to be honest I still don’t have an answer to the biggest question I’ve been asking myself ever since I graduated college. I still don’t know know what I’m doing with my life and what the future holds for me. 

Over the past 365 days, I’ve been struggling with myself to know exactly what I want. Goals and dreams are easy to figure out but when it comes to dealing with reality, I easily get so worried and anxious that I end up questioning every little thing about myself even when I shouldn’t. 

I know people on their birthdays usually share the 22 things they’ve learned or their life journey at 21 but for me, I simply want to share the biggest realization I had over the past year in the hopes of giving comfort to those of you out there who are just like me —still uncertain about life, and a lot of things.

And boy, they were right. At twenty one, you become a little grownup whose thought process changes, mindset is different and perspective is more mature than ever. I know I'm still a kid at heart but my priorities in life have changed. 

Also, I never realized how a lot of things can change in just a year. I will always be grateful to the man up there who has blessed me with life opportunities to grow, enjoy and learn from. So, THANK YOU Lord, for this beautiful life I can call my own.

 By now, I’m sure you know most of the turning points of my 21st year but to complete that list, I’d like to share something important with all of you that  has kept me sane throughout the tough times of the year. I’ve learned the art of not knowing and how it has helped me become more positive and motivated than I ever was. I’ve come to realize that not knowing is okay and  that it shouldn’t be a setback but a mindset to move you forward.  It wasn’t easy getting here but I learned a lot from it which I’d like to share with you all today.

So to those of you who have no idea of what life is meant for you or what the future has in store for you, this one’s for you! 

 “It’s okay to now know what exactly you want to do, where you want to go or who you want to become. I know how scary uncertainty is (with time and age limits) but everything will turn out fine if you believe in your own pace. Just take it day by day. Don’t rush yourself and do things one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll realize that slowing down and taking the time you need is what gives your life more purpose and meaning. It makes you feel more alive and happy.

Also, uncertainty can bring out the good and bad in you. Ironic right? But we can’t help it. Don’t get me wrong but it’s taking the unexpected steps and learning from crossroads that makes your life a well-lived one so reaching your destination without a hardworking, happy and memorable journey is not worth taking at all. 

So don’t worry if you’re in a place where you don’t know what’s meant for you. It’s fine. Don’t give up and lose hope. Disallow uncertainty to hold you back from living. Instead, let it push you forward to see what you might be missing out. 

‘Cause at the end of the day, no matter what you’ll always be surrounded by the greatest support system you could ever imagine -your loves ones and the man up there. You shouldn’t worry at all.

Live life with peaks and pitfalls. Live life to the fullest.  Go beyond the uncertainty that has always been holding your back and you’ll be surprised that you’re living the life that you can specially call you own.” 

Untitled, 1997, Acrylic and modeling paste on canvas, 96 x 120 inches by Laura Owens (Whitney Museum, NYC)
At 22, I'd like to confidently say that "It's okay to not know." 

So if you ask me for advice at 22 well I’d just say that you should’t pressure yourself to know what you exactly want at this moment or to compare yourself to how life is for other people.

 A lot of things could still come and go everyday that you might not even expect but you will absolutely love. So yeah, for me. Keep living in your own your pace. Live life like it’s your last day. Stay strong, have faith and trust in the universe. Things will come your way if you let it be. Happiness is a choice and it’s one you should always make. Appreciate the little things even small victories. Before you know it, you’ll be living life your own way.

So, thank you everyone who continuously join the journey and support and believe in me. I will always be grateful to each one of you. This year wouldn’t have been the best without you, me and the man up there so I’d like to offer up love and gratitude to all of you who has made my life worth living and one to continuously work hard to inspire all of you.

This is it. I’m ready to open a new life chapter with the high hopes of still bringing you all good vibes and inspiration! xx


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