My 10 x 12: January 2018

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As much as I love to relive moments that happened to me two weeks or a few days ago, I can't fully remember them in detail unless I write them down in my journal or take photos on my phone. I’m just one of those people who have short term memory and can only remember significant life events that was too crazy or memorable to forget. If you ask me right now what I had for lunch last Thursday or what I did last weekend, I’d have to take time to actually think about what really happened. 

Living with this reality, I try my best to make use of what I can to keep pasts moments alive and special. For example, if we watched a movie last week, I’d keep the ticket. If we were celebrating a special occasion, I’d take a picture. If I discovered a new coffee shop, I’d keep the coffee cup. I like having tangible things to remind me of these beautiful memories. I also realized that whenever something special happens to me- big or small, I make sure to capture the moment while not forgetting to also fully live in it. 

Because of this, I’ve come up with a new story segment for Living in 365 entitled 10 by 12 (10x12) where every end of the month, I look back at the photos on my camera roll, relive  monthly moments and share some interesting and crazy experiences with all of you. I decided to call it that way because I decided to choose 10 raw camera roll photos every month, to edit them in black and white for the next 12 months and to share them here and on my Instagram for you guys to see. It’s that simple. 

You might wonder why I chose photos featured here to be completely black and white. Well because I’d like to remind myself that even if these moments are in the past, they have helped me move forward and become the person that I am today. They have done their part in sharing with me its life and color. Now all I need to do is to remember and let them go with gratitude. 

Also, I know there will be months with more than 10 significant moments or even less than that, but the point  here is that for each month I choose things that really made a significant difference and share them with you. 

So January has been a crazy month — a mixture of anxiety and getting used to new things! It’s the month that I finally decided to job hunt, to make the most out of my online platforms and to give more time for me to explore. I kid you not that anxiety is difficult to deal with or to even get over with but getting to talk to loved ones has helped me a lot. It has been 31 solid days of reading, writing, cooking, sending resumés and exploring. So here are moments I won’t forget this January 2018: 

Living in a country with a very independent lifestyle, I wanted to enhance my cooking skills even with just basic recipes! I made my first ever adobo and for me it was an achievement unlocked cause I usually am just in the sideline supporting the chef. It wasn’t perfect but it’s a work in progress. If you have any basic recipes you’d like to share with me, please do! I want to learn to make more food than just rice, noodles and eggs.
One of the greatest things of being in a new country  that I'll always be grateful for is waking up everyday knowing that there are lots of new things to learn, discover and explore. I've been in this city for three months now and there are still so many things I want to do. I guess the greatest perk of being here is that there are days when I can spoil myself with either new coffee, breakfast or sweet cafes (my favorites) or I can walk and commute around the city to admire beautiful buildings and hang out in breathtaking parks. Also with the anxiety I feel once in a while, I have an excuse to relax, go on solo adventures and to just enjoy.  

This year my siblings and I are trying to eat healthier. I’m just so happy with Trader Joe’s and how I wish it existed back home in the Philippines. Every lunch time I’m able to heat up and cook healthy frozen food that doesn’t even take so much time. It’s quick, healthy and easy. My favorites so far are: Cauliflower rice, Chicken Teriyaki, Panang Curry, Korean Bulgogi and Tempura Chicken. 
Brunch will always be a family favorite. We make it a point to have one brunch date a month. This time around we were lucky and we were able to enjoy two exceptional restaurants, one’s called SugarFreak (with the best Southern food- Beignets for the win!) and another was called Maman (with the best avocado toast!) Never appreciated Avocado as much as I do now. 

Netflix has been my best friend ever since the start of the year! Whenever I take a break from being productive or I’m anxious and just want to clear out my head. I’d just binge watch some series on Netflix. So far I finished Stranger Things 2, Black Mirror Season 4, End of the Fxxxing world and Minimalism. I’m also trying to watch one documentary a month. Currently, I’m catching up on Gilmore Girls and the Good place, two very fun and interesting series in my opinion. 
It has been a month since I decided to work on living a more active lifestyle. Aside from eating healthy, I’ve been trying to do exercise routines that could strengthen my back and help me get past my ‘binge eating and lazy winter phase.’ It’s not easy. I’m always cold and tired but I try to survive and conquer. Right now I’m doing this home HIIT workout twice a week and I join my sister in Yoga Classes once a month. Didn’t realize how fun and relaxing it actually is. I used to just avoid thought. 

Just WAW. If you’re curious, these are my three favorite musicals so far: Wicked, Anastasia and Waitress-- in no particular order. Luckily this month, I was able to catch two of my favorites in the best way possible. I love broadway so much and getting to see both shows up front was truly a blessing. I got to watch WICKED at the Gershwin Theatre! Catching it for the fourth time on Broadway here in the city was a dream come true! As an early birthday present, I also got to watch WAITRESS starring Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz! I’m still speechless. Just goosebumps all over.

I don’t think I can ever watch these two shows again cause the ones I just witnessed were the best ones yet!  It’ll be hard to top them off. 

So recently my brother-in-law bought the Nintendo Switch and we’re OBSESSED. During the weekend we got it, we played Mario Kart and Mario Odyssey the whole day, non-stop. It was that great and intense. Even until now, we play every night when we can. 
Job hunting and sending resumés are my ultimate priorities this month and to be honest, it has been really slow. I’m trying not to lose hope and just learning to be patient in the process. I just do hope something great will come soon. To keep me productive, I journal, write and read. Currently I'm reading The Year of Yes by Rhonda Rhimes. I just finished The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. 

I actually went on my first job interview last Monday and it was very vague and confusing. I was just happy they had a  F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode playing in the waiting room and that they didn’t call me for the second time. It was a learning experience though. 

So that’s that- ten camera roll photos sharing my life lately this January. I’m  glad I got to do this rewind cause I’m able to remember all that has happened and now let them all go with gratitude. 

If you’re just like me and you’d want to relive moments in a special way, feel free to create your own 10x12 and enjoy your monthly rewind. All you have to do is choose photos on your camera roll, relive them, make them black and white and post them as an Instagram collage. Just remember to put your important thoughts, stories and experiences as the caption with #myJan10x12 so that all year round you can look back at what happened monthly and be grateful for the experiences you’ve gone through. Feel free to tag your  family and friends. 

Have fun reliving moments, letting them go with gratitude and embracing new changes! 

Goodbye January and Hello February! xx

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