Our Stor-We

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ever since launching Living in 365, I’ve always envisioned it to be an online platform where people are able to freely share their thoughts and life stories while also being able to learn  new ones. 

I've always had this vision of making storytelling more of an asset than just a mere activity. I wanted people to see, feel and embrace their authenticity by not drowning through man-made insecurities, but by simply believing in their own unique stories. 

For me, stories can bring out one's natural beauty cause of its capacity to change and inspire the lives of other people. This is why we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be affected by any social standard or superior. We don’t need to be famous to shape the world or to be rich to say we’re living the life. We are all influential people in our own way and we find true happiness by just being ourselves. This is why we should never stop believing in who we are and we should choose to listen & learn from other people. 

Think about it…

You are motivated to do something you’ve never done before because of a story you read online. You may currently be at your job now cause someone told you about their own experiences in that position or what the company was like. You may also be living in that city of yours  because of the childhood stories and memories you hold dear to your heart. 

Stories leave a lifetime of legacies and give us purpose to what seems like a meaningless life. With this, I’d like to introduce to you all to a collective corner where everyone is free to share, read and learn stories of life and everything that comes in between it. In this created space everyone is free to be a storyteller, a reader, a friend or a mentor with a main goal of sharing, listening and learning while living out a purpose. 

This is Stor-We: A collective corner inspired by the special connection of stories. 

To start this community, I will be asking help from friends and family to share their experiences about a certain word or theme for every month this year. In this way, everyone who would like to take part can share their own stories. There’s no attached pressure being part of this community. Only those interested get to share what they want.

Here, everyone is free to express themselves, to start conversations and to learn from other people. 

Also, I love encouraging people in pursuing their passions so for this one I'll be collaborating with my best friend, Xyla, who will help bring color to this project! 

So... if you’re interested to take part of Stor-We, stay tuned for something exciting! 



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