Mindful Mondaze: March 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

When was the last time you fully focused on what makes you feel most alive? For today’s practice, simply pause, focus and take 2 deep breaths. Clear your mind and avoid any distraction. Take a moment to just feel and think about your breath. Slowly breathe in (count to 6-approximately), Hold it (count to 2 ), and breathe out (count to 8-approximately). Repeat this as much as you can. Don’t rush. Keep your own pace.

With the constant hustle and bustle of life, we are so caught up with our own responsibilities, that we forget the one thing in our lives that significantly matters- out daily breaths. We forget to slow down and to be grateful for the things that happen to us everyday.

So find time everyday... even for just a minute or two to focus on your breaths. You’ll be surprised how it changes the way you see and treat things.

So go ahead...treat yourself right and feel fully alive. #mindfulmondaze🌷

Hey there! Don’t scroll down. Pause, take a deep breath and focus on yourself for just 5 minutes. It’s time for our first Mindful Mondaze: a chosen initiative to start the week right with a peaceful mind.

For our first practice, it’s important to reflect on the one and most important mindset when living mindfully and that is to take care of yourself—something simple yet most likely forgotten nowadays.

Ask yourself these... What was your most recent life-chievement? Do you remember each step you took to get there? Did you thank or praise yourself first or just waited for others to congratulate and validate your action? Think about it.

Sometimes we virtually focus too much on other people’s lives and validation that we forget the one thing that matters, living content and praising ourselves in real time... This time around, be your life’s biggest fan. Be mindful of who you are and how you are. Don’t get carried away by the ‘destination’ or how others feel about you, just enjoy everything about the journey and how you personally feel for taking the leap of faith.

Give yourself a pat on the back when good things happen, treat yourself to your favorites when you’re not in the best mood, listen to songs that give you crazy good vibes…and just do the little things to praise you. At the end of the day what matters is how you treat yourself and how mindful you are of the steps you take to get to where you are and want to be. I get it’s not an easy journey. Let me tell you that. But you did it. You’re here. You'll never lose your way.

Take this as a mindful reminder to praise yourself, to listen to yourself first and to embrace every little step, ALWAYS. #MindfulMondaze🌷

It’s post-Easter Monday and you know what that means... It’s time to rejoice and be glad. Forty long days have passed and we’re blessed with chances to start over again. Have you ever felt lucky? This should be the moment.

Today is such a long and difficult stretch. I know. Some of us are having a difficult time getting back to the weekly grind while others are easily motivated to be back on track. Whatever you feel, don’t miss out on those 5 mindful minutes of pausing, taking deep breaths and just focusing on yourself.

Keeping this #mindfulmondaze🌷 short and simple. Decided that we focus on the one thing that keeps us going, our mindset. Have you ever asked yourself what keeps you motivated to wake up everyday or what inspires you to move forward? Take some time off today to understand the greatest motivation that pushes you to LIVE.

Keep in Mind: You shouldn’t expect yourself to have it all or be it all at the end of this practice. What matters is you keep a healthy mindset of contentment. Learn to appreciate all that is and was. Be grateful for the ins and outs of your own story. Living with a grateful heart goes a long way. Believe me.

The best way to be mindful is to practice it everyday. Challenge yourself to take 10 minutes off to do something different starting today even if it’s as simple as taking a walk, changing the first song you listen to every morning or switching up your style one day a week. It’s the little things that matter. Take it one step at a time. #MindfulMondaze🌷

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