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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hi, I’m Rachel and Welcome Back to Living in 365--

A space meant to inspire people to find happiness 
and contentment in what makes them 
feel most alive, and
that is living every moment 
in 365.

Towards the end of last year, I took a leap of faith. I left the Philippines, the place I called home, and moved to New York City. And you know what? It’s been, by far, the best experience, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully describe it. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

After being here for more than six months, I’ve realized that to constantly live life to the fullest, it’s important to always take care of what really matters most: you. Self-care comes in many forms, and it should always be a priority - no matter who or where you are.

We place a lot of effort in trying to figure out who we are or what our purpose is. But what if instead of being (insert your name here), version 2.0, you become (insert your name here), version 0.0, your truest self outside of the craziness of this world, instead? 

This is Living in 365 - a self-care project told through real life stories and realizations that’s meant to inspire others to remember that their lives - the things that make them uniquely them - are always worthwhile.
The secret to living this life is simple...Make peace with you are and what you love and take good care of you, so you can take good care of others, too.

If you need a little help navigating this e-journal, check out some of my ongoing feature series where I combine my passion for living life fully, photography and sharing my thoughts.

Stor-We: A collaborative project where everyone is invited to read, share and learn from shared life stores. Here, everyone is free to be a storyteller, reader, friend or mentor.

Mindful Mondaze: A self-care initiative I started in order to stop dreading Mondays to start my week off right, a little ritual that I hope does the same for you.

Restless Realizations: A self-care journal where I share what I’m thinking, what I’ve learned and the experiences that have shaped me.

Rach for the Moment: A collection of photos and stories of the different things I enjoy, focusing mainly on food and travel.

Join the journey and together, let's live in 365! 

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