Starting Again: Not Giving up on YOU

Saturday, June 23, 2018

As I am worthy of living this beautiful life; you are too. Never think less of who you are because you’re worth it. 

I know life’s hard. It gets tiring when you try to keep it all together, but hey, what matters is that you’ve given it your all. I’m sure it wasn’t easy getting to where you are now but you did it despite all the pitfalls and breakdowns.

Praise yourself, because this is no simple thing. This is your success story in the making. 

All of this seems so random to you now, I know. But one of the most important things I’ve learned about living my best life is that it’s never just self-lived, it’s “lived-together.” Think about it. In all the experiences you’ve ever had in your life, there will always be people behind them. It’s never just you figuring out life alone. It’ll always be with the help of people you know and love. 

With everything happening lately, I want to remind people that the world is beautiful because they’re in it. No matter who they are to me- friend, family, or even a stranger, they deserve to live a great life and to be in this world as much as I do. That’s why I hope instead of all of us searching for a purpose, we realize that being there for others is enough,  I have. 

I mean to be honest as much as I want my life to be all figured out, it’s still so unpredictable. I go through so many things just like you and I know it’s not easy. I cope with all of it the best that I can and through it all, I've learned that there is one thing that makes me never give up: my passion- be it passion to travel, write, inspire. Once you find it, it’ll help ground you.

Ever since starting Living in 365, I’ve envisioned it to be a thought space creating a community where we can all continuously help each other live our lives the best way we can. 

Everyone deserves a great life and here in this space, I’ve chosen to remind them of what matters: being treated equal to their worth.

With Living in 365, I may not help the billions of people I want to help in this world. But I can help YOU, and that’s what really matters. 

At the end of the day, always remember that the world is much more beautiful when you’re around. Don't take yourself for granted. When it gets hard, don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s not easy, but we got your back. 

The world truly doesn’t deserve any more good people to be taken away. It just needs more people to understand that life will never be easy, but it’ll be easier to face when we know we have each other’s backs. 

We’re in this together. You…me... all of us. 

Be Kind. Be Grateful. And most importantly...proudly Live Your Worth. 

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