10.03.2018 New York, NY, USA

A Year Ago | New York City

A year ago I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and how I wanted to live it. Honestly, up until now I still don’t know what’s really meant for me but what I’ve realized is that it’s okay to not know everything. Slowing down and living at your own pace gives more purpose and meaning to life than you could ever imagine.

A year ago, I decided to listen to my inner self, to be a risk taker for a change and to go out of my comfort zone . I did it. I moved to the concrete jungle where dreams are made, or so the song goes. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but now, I can say it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

A year ago, I was anxious because I kept seeing people accomplish so many amazing things while I was just trying to find my way and figure my life out. Months passed, and I realized how everyone deserves a break from reality  — doing things for themselves- exploring  the unknown,  crossing things off  bucket lists and simply doing things that make you happy. I took six months off and it changed my life forever.

A year ago, I was insecure about myself and little things online would affect me. I won’t deny it - I still have those moments. But I continue to push past it and take life as it comes, no matter how hard or unexpected it can get.

A year ago, I started to fully commit to myself— doing things and making choices for me. It sounds a bit narcissistic, but it was because I learned one important thing: that you need to fully love yourself in order to love others fully. 

A year ago, I never thought I’d make it here- stronger and more independent than I could ever see myself being. So, to the me of a year ago, you did it, bud. You made it here, even when you thought you couldn’t. Believing in yourself just that little bit more has become the magic spell to living your life the best way possible.  

So, if you ask me what the greatest thing I learned after living in New York for a year now? It’s plain and simple really - you have to constantly work to live your worth no matter who, what or where you are. If I’m worth it, you’re worth it too.

Buy a cup of coffee.
Ride the subway.
Go for a walk in the park.
See a Broadway show.
Visit the sights (at least once).
Shop vintage.
Go to brunch.
Try as many ice cream places as possible.
Say yes to something you never thought you would.
Plan a trip to Walt Disney World.
Escape the room 
Visit Museums
Watch Broadways Again
Go for Brunch 
Paint A Little 
Go on road trips 
Simply, Travel
and do a happy dance  

Do all the things that make you happy because you are special and you have your own unique story. You might not be where you want to be right now but hey, you’ve made it this far and that counts. Be proud of every little thing you’ve accomplished and endured ‘cause the journey is what made you, you.

It’s not going to be easy, especially with all the uncertainty but hey, you have the support of those who love you and your faith - both of those things are enough to keep you going.

Don't be afraid of not being who other expect you to be. Have the courage to be true to yourself and become who you were meant to be. 

Give yourself a break. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Learn something new.  Be kinder to yourself. You deserve all of it.

Cheers to you, me and everyone in the universe who a year ago thought couldn’t make it here, but did it. This year has been amazing, and so have you.

“And hey, New York City, I won’t forget you. Thank you for being a life-changing experience. I’ve lived in 365 and I’m happy to have called you home for that past year. You’re definitely some kind of wonderful, and will always be a very special place in my heart. Thank you.”
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  1. "A year ago, I was anxious because I kept seeing people accomplish so many amazing things while I was just trying to find my way and figure my life out." AHHH Rachel! I really needed this post of yours!! Thanks for this and I'm so happy you've pushed past your troubles and insecurities.