Begin Again

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ever since launching Living in 365, I’ve always envisioned it to be more than just a personal blog but an online space where I’m able to constantly help the people who matter the most, and that’s all of you here today. I’ve always believed that everyone deserves a good life including me and life as crazy as it is, gets in the way of that which I understand. 

It has been really tough getting myself to sit down and spend some time to write again. I mean I keep my own private journal but I’ve been having so many thoughts and stories lately that I realized  I’ve hidden them all in the notes app of my phone or I use them as my Instagram captions. It’s really hard to be consistent in this space especially with the  lifestyle I’ve chosen to live in the past year. Moving abroad has its ups and downs and I feel like my inconsistencies here has affected you.

I know this sounds really strange- me worrying about what people think about this space or my writing. I don’t even know if there’s someone out there who actually reads my content but deep in my heart, I know I can help a number of you in a small way because  even my own writing has helped me. 

I’d like to be honest here and even say that there was a point in time during the past few months where I lost sight of the value of my writing cause I was thinking more of how many people I wanted to read my post instead of what kept me anxious for a while and that was my constant need to help people and just be there for them. 

I’ve realized throughout the months of on and off writing that there was always something missing in my day to day and that is using the online voice I already have to help other people. You might be thinking, “Rach there are more people out there who need you help. Yes, I do understand and someday I do hope I can help them with what I plan to do but right now, I know each of us deserve the help we think we don’t need. We need each other to keep us going in this crazy world called life. 

So here, I am again, on my third try to be more consistent in this space to simply be there for you and to remind you of the life you deserve. I’ve missed this so much and even spent some time working on what really  Living in 365 is meant to be so allow me to share with you again this passion project of mine. 

I’ve re- created this space to share about the wonderful things that life has to offer in the hopes of helping YOU realize that the simplest yet most fulfilling way to say you’ve fully lived is simply living life as is, the way you want to. Here, we embrace our own stories, memories, mistakes and everything that’s truly us and realize that all these things make our lives imperfectly perfect yet so special. Life is crazy and always will be no matter how much we try to live perfectly so allow me to help you realize that you don’t need to live a perfect lifestyle to be happy. You just need to live life perfectly as it is for you - in your own pace and in your own terms. This truly is a life well-lived… simply living your worth everyday of the 365 days of every year.

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