To This Start-Up Path I've Chosen

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To this start-up path I’ve chosen,

Thank you for constantly pushing me out of the box. Thank you for showing me how much potential I have in a job that requires me to wear many hats as possible. I’ve never appreciated growth in myself more than I do now. I’ve learned to become more patient, kind and understanding when it comes to work and those around me. I know which things to prioritize and what I should just let be. It wouldn’t have been possible without the highs and many lows but there’s nothing I enjoy more knowing that I can help support something so good which I know will be a big success in the future. It’s also really nice to be backed up by a work family who believes in you so much. To all the tears, smiles, early mornings and late nights…thank you. 

Love & Light, R


Today marks a new milestone for me as I officially have worked a full year in New York City! Ever since I started "adulting" two years go, I always make sure to take note of this yearly cause I’ve always believed it’s something worth celebrating. 

Most people have an idea of what I do but not really the background behind it so today thought of sharing my experiences of working for startups and why I continue to do so. This is for those of you out there who want to know what it’s really like — but of course this is just all based on my opinion. Some might have different stories out there which I too would love to hear.

So for the past two years, I’ve been working for a 9-5 job and to be honest, starting out I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. As an Integrated Marketing Communications major with a lot of opportunity, I didn’t know which path I wanted to pursue- client or agency. But now I’m just lucky to have experienced both. 

Working for startups teach you a lot of things. It’s not as high paying as other jobs but it definitely teaches you high valued things. Having this type of job or any for that matter will always be a commitment to a weekly routine. Some stick with it, others defy it. I’ve attempted both but I knew I had to save up to balance funds for adventures and a business venture I want to take on in the future. I’m still here. I’m working hard until I can and soon move pass it but this is a choice that varies per person.

So here are things I’ve learned and gone through while working in a startup but just know that how you choose to experience this life is all up to you. And oh! I’ve been a Social Media Manager for the past two years but funny story, i didn’t start out in that position. This is where I begin.

1. You learn to wear many different hats and discover where your potential is really in 

One thing I really do love about working for smaller companies is the growth you see in yourself. For the past two years I’ve already done so much across copywriting, community management, customer service, and onboarding. All of these happened because of unforeseen circumstances and wanting to step out my comfort zone. 

Most people might say that’s too much too handle but one thing about being part of a small community is you learn where you most likely would progress or fit in with the support of your co-workers. For my first job i started out in copywriting and for the second in customer service. I ended up in social media management for both where most people see I thrive in. Right now I’m testing my waters in helping out in onboarding (considering I work for an online grocery delivery company) and so far so good. Social media management continues to be a love/hate relationship for me which I’ll share more about later. 

2. Your work hours can or can’t be fixed 

Working in social media feels like a 24/7 job but for most people being in a startup feels the the same way. In my old job, considering it was a digital agency, I remember working overtime and even during weekends and holidays for events. Now, working in client side, I’m lucky I get to balance my time more and get weekends free…unless there’s a nice post i repost on social but that’s okay. 

3. You’re a part of something bigger 

Considering the company you work for is still growing just like you, your voice and opinions matter. Working for startups you feel like you’re a part of something bigger which I also love.This will depend though on the company you work for… sometimes they will listen and others won’t but what matters is your voice is heard no matter what. 

4. You’re part of a big extended “work” family

In my current job, I love how we support and treat each other in the office even if we’re in two different states (San Diego and New York). Every week we have this big meeting where everyone talks about their tasks and even how their feeling. It’s nice to know that everyone has your back when you’re struggling and appreciates your wins no matter how big or small it is. I love how it’s a We than Me company. 

You also get to hang out with your co-workers and get to know them more outside the office.  It feels like family which I really love. I’m even still so close with my co-workers back at home in the Philippines and it has been the best. 

5. You grow. 

Being a Social Media Manager as mentioned earlier is like being in a love hate relationship with someone. Sometimes you have good days, others you don’t but what really makes it hard is knowing that the platforms are always changing. What’s sad about it though is that most people sacrifice authenticity to be noticed and pay to buy followers to get on top which I dislike but can’t avoid. What I love about what I’m doing though in my current company is we remain to be as authentic as we can despite the struggle. 

Engagement has been by far a struggle for Mercato considering it’s  special and first of its kind. What makes this different from my past job is that I handled brands already with huge following and loyal fans. So starting from the bottom, I’m still learning.  I’ve already shed some tears out of frustration for both jobs cause of creative block and by just simply being overwhelmed  but I’m glad I was and I continue to be supported. 

Right now I’m placing my feet in waters to learn something new but I’m not giving up. As long as you try and you work hard to grow, you’re good. 

You’ll be mixed with emotions. Be prepared. You got this. Working in Social Media isn’t easy and will never be. There’s a lot of effort put into it, and you just have to be willing to take in every step. 

6. You don’t earn as much yet but you’re highly valued

No matter what startup you’re in and depending on whatever experience you already have, you might not earn as much as those around you but that’s okay because with hard work comes rewards you’ll reap in the process.  Also it really depends on your position and promotions. But what makes this matter is that you’re highly valued for who you are and what you can provide which I find is a blessing 

7. You’re both a work in progress - ready to take the big world soon 

Together with the company you work for, you both are a work in progress. You work to drive results together, but also improve in areas needed. I find this as the perfect work place for those of you out there who want to be a part of something bigger and in the process want that same feeling in yourself. 

Startups have really brought out the best and worse in me- career wise. I know it has only been 2 years but being part of small companies constantly make me realize how every moment of growth matters and why it’s worth working hard for until the end. Despite some cultural differences and company values, start up life is almost the same despite being in opposite sides of the world.

I’m grateful for all that was and everything that currently is but would love to know your thoughts and experiences with startups too. I’m curious and all ears. 

To Living in 365, 

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