Entry No 3: Treating Yourself With What You Deserve

This one’s for you..for getting through a long day, for making it here after the struggle of what seems like forever, and for proving to yourself that you can actually turn things around when it seems like life’s falling apart.

Smiling is that secret remedy to really tough days.. I’m sure you have experienced someone smiling at you after a crazy day and for reasons of the universe, you instantly smiled back and felt a little better.

Doesn’t it work like pixie dust?!

Just like me and everyone else, you’ll never know how tiring or how stressful a day is going for someone so cheer them up, smile -- not in a creepy scary way but as a friendly and polite gesture.

We all know that actions can speak louder than words and even in this small way, we can actually make someone’s day or even better wildfire.

I’ve gone into this habit of passing smiles up until I write letters and even my messages cause I’ve learned throughout the process its value and how something so small can mean so much.

Smiling is free and it goes a long way so come on and surprise your loved ones today. Message them a smiley or try asking them how they are. Don’t forget to end that note with a smiley face.

Don’t ever believe you don’t deserve this cause you do, we all do. So here’s to filling the universe with your smiles and choosing to be a ray of sunshine in a crowd of gloomy daze.

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