Growth Mindset

Nothing in this world comes easy and I guess we all know that for a fact. We know that we have to  go through a lot to make big things happen even if this means that we go through a constant struggle to do our best just to be the best. 

I for one had gone through a tough transition from college to work life and I’ve never expected it to be as difficult as it was. I was put in a department that I never expected to be in (this included photoshop and copywriting skills which I had no background of) and I was in a situation where people were constantly leaving, processes were being fixed internally and accountability for numerous accounts was on me. I guess because we were and still are a growing start up company, that’s why we can’t help but struggle continuously.

I’ve gone through a lot of challenges like writing copies in different voices for almost 16 different brands that brought me to my breaking point. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my first few months in the company and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I also couldn’t help but compare my situation to those stories I hear from my friends who were happy with what they were doing. All this together with some other personal issues I was faced with, I felt really bad and got fed up with the negativity that I was in. I just wanted to give up. 

I share this story not to scare you about what they call the “real world.” or to make you afraid of what the future has in store for you, but to show you that even through struggles like this one, you get to learn something from it and you learn to be the better person. 

Right now I’m still with the company, and I’m fulfilled to know that I’ve withstood all those challenges that I experienced. Having to go through that daily struggle for six months, I learned that I can be a writer (that I never thought I could be) based from what my co-workers were saying and also learned basic photoshop and gif skills (something I never thought of learning ever). Workshops with my officemates helped me enhance these skills and I’m happy to apply these learnings in my blog and own personal business today. 

I'm currently in another department in the company now, but I’m happy I withstood and continuously try to withstand all the struggles I’m facing. 

You might ask, why share this long and random story? Well because I’ve been reading and hearing stories about people struggling and I’d like to share with you all the biggest struggle I currently faced and what one of my college professors once taught me before. 

He taught my batchmates and I to move out of that fixed mindset (that we usually fall into) and learn to keep a growth mindset. 

You can’t always get what you want.

When you’re filled up with negativity because of the challenges you’re facing, failures you’re experiencing and feedback you’re getting, DON'T GIVE UP. When you see others moving quickly forward in life than you, DON'T FEEL INSECURE. Everything has its time and place. It’ll all come together soon.

You might be in a constant struggle right now, but it’s in this moment when you crucially get to know more about yourself and more about the situation you're in. Here, you get to feel genuine fulfillment for all your hard work and you learn things that you never thought you could do or be before. There's honestly a PURPOSE BEHIND THAT STRUGGLE. Don't ever turn back on it. 

So if your struggles are putting you down or when the "struggle is real", just remember to keep a growth mindset. Embrace. Learn. Grow. Having this in mind, will surely help you! 


  1. I love this. I couldn't agree more. Very well said. You are a very talented person, Rach. I've seen it, I've witnessed the growth, and I believe in you more than you should. Love ya!

    Style Reader

    1. Couldn't have gotten the inspiration to do the things I do without your support! Thank you loads! Love you! 💛

      With stories to tell,
      Rachel Y. ( Living in 365)