Year of Yes

This month’s read was all about the courage of saying YES. It seems so simple in writing but it’s actually hard to do. 

I guess what makes it difficult is that I’m not used to doing things out of my comfort zone.If you’re just like me, you’d think of valid reasons and excuses to easily get out of unwanted situations. I don’t force myself into things that I don't want to do and even if I badly want to do them, fear always gets in the way so I end up not doing them at all.

So yeah, I can admit that I can be adventurous at times but I’m not at all fearless. I can easily tell myself to try or do something new but when I slight sense of fear kicks in, I completely chicken out.

I’m working on it though. 

This is why I feel my encounter with Shonda Rhimes book entitled the Year of Yes is a blessing in disguise. It helped me see myself beyond all the NO’s I’ve been easily tossing around. Her story inspired me to actually say yes to things that matter-- no matter how big or small they are. Instead of just shutting down an idea, activity, or plan cause of slight fear, I’m now more motivated to believe in myself, to gradually let go of fear, to try and see how things go before actually saying no.

It inspired me to give YES a chance instead of saying my usual NO in a heartbeat (unless the situation calls for it) 

Ironic right cause this is just a book and it easily changed my perspective. But for me, it didn’t seem like that at all.

Instead of it feeling like I was reading someone else's story, it felt like I was actually in a conversation with a friend and she was personally telling me ways on how I too can say YES to unlikely situations. This is why I absolutely loved the book and finished it in 5 days! Instead of it being a 'here you go these are the steps on how to say yes kind of thing', it was more raw and personal with true stories which made it more relatable. 

This is not to say though that saying YES is now my instant protocol in everything that I plan and will do. It just means that I’ll be taking the steps needed to actually consider it before saying no. Like right now, I’m actually allowing myself to say yes to things that I didn’t realize that I would like, ever. I’ve said yes to living a more active lifestyle so now I’m trying out pilates and yoga with my sisters. I’ve said yes to trying out healthier food and now I’m obsessed with avocado toast. I’ve also said yes to job offers that are not in my actual field and so far I’m waiting for final feedbacks. 

I learned that saying yes is more than just an activity, it’s a personal epiphany of worthwhile victories. That’s why I hope you get to read it. And not just that, Shonda makes you realize how no matter what, you should own up to your marvelousness and Badassery (if you’ve already read this book, you’d know what it means) 

I don’t want to give away too much information but here are my top 10 learnings: 
  1. A good story is not purposefully lying. The best stories are true. 
  2. Find your hum. Spend 15 uninterrupted minutes doing something you love
  3. Be a doer and not a dreamer
  4. Losing yourself happens one NO at at time 
  5. No one is going to be good as you are. Own you BADASSERY. 
  6. Never apologize for marvelousness
  7. Be your own narrator
  8. We are like mirrors, what you are gets reflected back at you. What you see in yourself, you may see in others and what others see in you they may see in themselves.
  9. Happiness lies in following the same list of rules. This is wrong. There is one rule: There is no rule.
  10. When you feel the need to apologize or explain who you are, it means the voice in your head is telling you the wrong story. Rewrite it. 
Shonda Rhimes is a true wonder woman and her ability to be a mom and a writer of four popular shows today is amazing! If you’re just like her-- willing to fight fear, allow changes, and be the best person you want to be, saying yes might be the way.

 Let me know what you think about this. xx  

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