Embrace Life's Little Changes

After being in New York City for almost nine months now, I can’t help but feel that a lot has changed- and yes, definitely the good kind. It hasn’t been easy being fully independent in a  country that’s far away from the luxuries and serendipities of home but to be honest, I’ve never felt this fulfilled and “alive”. Here I am doing a 10-6pm job, trying to balance a social life with a passion project while enjoying hang outs with family & friends, doing errands & chores and simply making dreams a reality. 

Having to go through all these while also committing to do things for myself for a whole year, has made me realize that the little changes that have been happening to me lately, continuously make me proud of the person that I've become today. I’ve realized that I may not be the biggest person when it comes to huge success stories and that’s okay. What matters is that I've become the “bigger” person than what I used to be which I believe is the best success story there is. Think about it for yourself. Be proud of the little changes that have happened to you. Embrace the fact that you're a work in progress- working on being the best possible you.

I’ve always been told that the greatest change happens throughout the course of time but come to think of it, it isn’t all that. It actually sparks from the little "accidents" we encounter in our lives everyday.  These accidents are  the unexpected moments we allow ourselves to experience. Think about it...a month ago you wouldn’t style yourself the way you do now or you wouldn’t have found so much interest in a hobby you currently have.

 Change is unexpected and happens in every moment even when we don’t realize it. So this is simply me trying to tell you that you are your own success story and that in itself is the biggest achievement you can ever have. You’ve changed a whole lot from the person you were a month ago to be the real person you choose to be today. Embrace it. 

I’ve changed and I’ll always be grateful. It wasn’t easy getting here but here I am, ready to share with you all a quick life lately which includes some new interests and life updates:

Living Sustainably
Three months ago, I decided to live a more sustainable lifestyle.. I haven’t completely changed my ways, but I took the challenge to start which I’ve been happy to see results for so far. Ever since getting back on the grind, I’ve been investing on zero waste stuff. Right now, I’m just giving myself more time to live the journey cause what better way to make change than by choosing to begin, learn and live the routine.

Capturing Moments through Film
A month ago, my sister and I took a trip to the dessert and all we had to capture our crazy memories was our phones and a disposable film camera. From them on, I found interest in having a film camera that felt like my own eyes --capturing moments for what they are. Cause of this,  I decided to invest in an old-school camera that I bought on Etsy for just 18 dollars. I haven’t finished my first roll but I can’t wait to have it printed. 

Working in Operations
Right now, I work as a Customer Success Associate in a wonderful startup called Mercato and I am grateful for the things that I have and yet to learn. Being in customer service is no easy task so kuddos to you out there if you work under operations! It’s tough but learning to be patient is a reward. Also, the team is really nice and I’m glad I’m a part of it. 

Reading Self-help Books
As much as I want to help others, I also want to continuously help myself too.  I do this by reading self- help books and these are my favorites so far. If you need any suggestions, I made some notes for each book cause I love doing so. Currently Reading: The Art of Not Giving a F***

Trying out new Food and Dessert Places
If you know me so well, you know how much I love trying out new food most especially desserts. It makes me the happiest person in the world and I’ve come to realize how something as simple as this can turn my day around. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to let me know or the other way around.

You know I love coffee and I try my best to try lattes from different cafes. They are so many beautiful cafes in this city, I am obsessed. 

Brunching Around the World
My sister, Mel and I thought it would be amazing to do this thing called brunch around the world where every month we save some money to have a good brunch featuring a different cuisine. So far, we’ve tried French and Mediterranean.

Thrift Shopping
Ever since coming to New York City, I’ve been obsessed with thrift shopping. I find joy in finding amazing pieces for such an affordable price. My favorite stores would have to be L Train Vintage, Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill and Salvation Army. There’s so much you could do to amp up your style and it doesn’t have to always be brand new. Plus, it’s a more sustainable way of both feeling and looking good which makes me happy.

Monthly List Journaling
To be honest, I haven’t updated my journal in the longest time but I’ve come to realize a new but more efficient way of doing so and simply making a monthly list of things I’ve done, watched or eaten it. I do it every end of the month now and it’s amazing especially for me who forgets a lot of times.

Thought Journaling
I’ve been having too many thoughts lately that I thought I could share them all by launching in Living in 365 again. I want to help others as much as I can especially those who are having a tough time and I now surprise words and motivation might do the trick. 

Surprise Motivation Messaging
I’ve been loving it when I surprise some of my friends with motivational messages. Sometimes all it takes is for you to take the first step in making someone’s day bright. Try it out. 

Being a Grown up 
The biggest change that has happened to me in this city is definitely being more independent - doing laundry, grocery shopping, sheets changing and all that grown up things. It’s tough to be a grown up but it’s also an interesting journey. 

Weekly Family Bonding
Family is forever. We  always try to hang out as much as we can because a week isn’t complete without it and I’ll always be grateful to them for making my stay here worthwhile. 

Snail Mailing
If you know me so well, you would know how much I love creating personal notes for people. Now that I’m away, I’ve been obsessed with snail mail and finally I’ve sent out 15 postcards which I hope goes to my friends and family. Let me know if you want one! 

Future Goals: 

Working on a Positivity Project
I’m working on a new segment in living in 365 to create surprise motivation and mindful posts for my reader which I hope to launch soon. 

Going on a Monthly Tourist Day
One thing that I miss doing in this city alter being back in the grind, is exploring and being a tourist. I thought of committing one day a month to actually self- explore and act like a tourist again. 

Collaborating with Friends 
The best way to keep passion projects alive is to do what you live while supporting others as well. 

So that’s all for now. This is me so far and I can’t wait for what is to come.

All these changes have made me, ME and I do hope you too embrace every change that makes you, the best YOU. 

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