Monday, August 27, 2018 Page, AZ 86040, USA

This is a short photo journal of our quick trip to Page, Arizona last April 2018. We actually did 3 dessert states in a span of 5 days (AZ-UT-lV) but I'd like to share with you all the beauty of each of these amazing paces.   It was definitely a trip to remember and here are three reasons why PAGE should be on your bucket list:

First, you'll appreciate nature like never before. 
Being in a desert for the first time was a memory in itself but what made the moment so special was the simple yet breathtaking surroundings all around.We chose to unplug from social media during our whole trip, which by far was the best decision ever.

Second, you'll be left speechless (most of the time you're there)
You'll appreciate the little details that make up the beauty of the dessert. To be honest, visiting Antelope Canyon was a dream come true and it's best appreciated if you actually go there in person. I was sold by the photos and stories but really I was changed for good when I was actually there underground and in the moment. Horseshoe bend was another heart-raising stop.  We decided to go during the sunset. You sit over the edge, appreciate all that is and just simple enjoy the breathtaking view in front of you.

Third, you'll be left with an experience you won't ever forget
Being able to see every detail of mother nature for what it is made me appreciate it even more.It was just one of those trips where I was in awe the whole time, just really lucky to experience a world that is extraordinarily beautiful.

Places to visit if you're staying overnight like we did (it was enough time for us)
L O W E R  A N T E L O P E  C A N Y O N ( K E N  T O U R S)
H O R S E S H O E  B E N D

L A K E  P O W E L L 

photos taken with Canon Rebel T3i, Iphone
editor: VSCOcam, slides

-- T O  B E  C O N T I N U E D--

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