One Click Wonder: Being That Extra Voice You Didn't Know You Needed

With all the  struggles of life coming right at you, sometimes you just need to be reminded of the good things around. I know, I talk about my life learnings and thoughts too much that it’s crazy but I feel it’s better to think and share out loud than to just keep things to myself especially when I know it might help some of you out there who might be reading this. 

I know what you’re hearing from me is something similar to what you’ve been told before or might be be something you’ve heard  about already.  But sometimes it’s not enough to know things in life especially if it’s just one perspective. It’s about constantly embracing the things you learn throughout your entire lifetime and reminding yourself that you’re worth the struggles you face. 

Life’s uncertainty can keep overwhelming us and because it gets too much on us, we forget how to fully live a good life. 

As you know by now, I’m choosing to live this life of passing on positivity, and inspiring people to fully experience their worth through a life lived in 365.  And the best way to do so is to share what I constantly learn from life, which I believe is the best teacher in this lifetime. 

With Social Media being more popular these days, it can take a toll on how you live or find meaning in  life to the point that sometimes you don’t even know what’s real or not anymore. Worse is that you can never seem enough in a world that wants more for you. I’ve been a victim and I hate that. 

This is why I want to change all that. The constant insecure loop brought to us by Social Media constantly motivates me-- to use my own voice to help you realize that you don’t have to be more than who you are to meet other people’s expectations. You don’t have to give up on yourself when you can’t find answers to life's questions.  You just have realize that being more than who you used to be is enough and that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this journey called life. 

Let’s be real though. I am no expert, AT ALL. I just genuinely believe in the power of being there for you and how living uncertain lives deserves a ton of support and good vibes. 

Also, I use Instagram and my blog a lot to put my voice out there. I love visuals and words put together so excuse my long posts and maybe the hashtags I use if you follow me. This is not to bore you or to gain more followers or anything but this is the only way I know I can reach more people and put my message out there. 

If you choose to follow me on this journey of mine, thank you so much but really this one’s for you and me- it’s a sporadic space full of thoughts and moments that can help you and me live life better. 

I know my content can come in passing cause it can get too wordy or it can get too serious but hey - no matter how much you deny it, sometimes you need it to keep you going. 

This is what I want to be known for- believing in our soul’s purpose of being there for each other and this journey to living our worth is a work-in-progress, we take together. 

It’s you, me- all of us together.  Let's make our story the greatest one ever. 

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