This is #YourVitaminBe

Friday, October 26, 2018

Life is a constant struggle - unpredictable and unexpected. There are good days, bad days or even neutral days when you just don’t know what to feel anymore. Don’t you ever wonder how even in a single day you can feel on top of the world, and the next thing you know you’re in a deep dark tunnel? Life’s weird like that and that’s okay. Life is full of its own surprises and making it this far is truly amazing. 

The past few months, life has been constantly showing me its true colors and I’ve been learning a lot from it.  It hasn't been all easy but I’ve been so inspired by other people’s stories and even my own that I decided to start this new content series called #YourVitaminBe because really... we all live our own crazy lives and through it all, we deserve a much needed boost when times get difficult. Life's so crazy that even when you think you have everything figured out, there will always be that struggle. So what better way to address this than by just reminding you of the simplest yet most beautiful realities of life and how it's possible to turn your life around even if takes some time. 

Vitamin Be is a space simply made to nourish what matters most, YOU. Together with my Mindful Mondaze content, this series is focused on helping you live the best life you deserve. Cliché? It seems like so...but we all just need to be reminded of the simplest  yet most meaningful realities of life like what's coming ahead and how far we’ve already come. It’s really doing these little things to nourish our own lives (be it as simple as being grateful to get your favorite food or simply checking up on you and the people around you) that can make so much of a difference you might not even realize until now. 

Life, just like your physical body, needs it’s own supplements and strength to keep it going. So with this initiative, I'd like to help you not by telling or teaching you what to do but making you realize the little things your day to day life that life has and will always be beautiful.  In this space, we all support and encourage each other to live our own worth and mainly to keep in mind, that you'll never be alone. 

Through life's up and downs, the universe will bless you with great turnarounds cause of the love you have for yourself and the support of your loved ones around.  

We all deserve to live a good life and we can make that happen, together.

This is for you and also for me. This is #YourVitaminBe

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