The Art of Being Like You

Hi! My name’s Rachel and I’m the content creator of Living in 365. Just like you, I live an ordinary life - working hard to make all my dreams come true and just simply living life the best way I could.

Just like you, I wake up everyday- doing the same things over and over again. Eat, sleep, repeat. What’s new? 

Just like you, I have my own responsibilities-working for a 9-5 job, paying some bills and doing so much chores and errands at home that it gets tiring and really boring. Adulting can have its perks and pitfalls. Sometimes, I just want all the perks, really. 

Just like you, I have a support system who can make me or sometimes even break me but no matter what, I know will be there for me. 

Just like you, I treat myself and others when I can be it food, movies, gifts or whatnot. Everyone deserve to be spoiled with good things around. 

Just like you, I’m on social media. I have been for a while now and because it has changed so much, I constantly get overwhelmed. Social Media has become obsessive with how our lives should be. It can get really annoying. 

Just like you, sometimes I just want to give up cause life can get so difficult to handle. There are happy days and tough days but I mean we can’t help it, right? We live uncertain lives. We don’t even know what will happen tomorrow. 

Just like you, I cry when I get too tired or emotional. I can’t help it. Life’s a climb. 

Just like you, I question myself and my choices. What if? It not today, when? What will? So when? All these serious life stuff makes me anxious. Sometimes people don’t see it but everything doesn’t have to be shown. It’s personal but let me tell you, we all have it. Reach out. Don't drown in a hole. 

Just like you, I dream of traveling the world someday. I know we all joke around when we say we want to win the lottery but if I do win a million bucks, that’s what I’d do with half of my share and then donate to charity or have a CSR business, my ultimate dream. 

Just like you, I want to live a life of purpose. I want to live two lives- living for myself while living to help other people (the best of both worlds) 

Just like you, I love food. I can eat for two and maybe sometimes even for three people. Don't judge, okay? 

Just like you, I can choose how to live my life. I can even choose what legacy I want to leave behind. 

This list can go on for days but what matters is that because we’re alike- we’re one in the same. We might not have the same stories or experiences but we have similar opinions and feelings about it. 

So trust me when I say that you deserve nothing less and allow those around you to help you live your worth.

You’re not alone and never will be. 

It’ll always be you and me- both alike, never the same and just living our greater purpose together.  

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