2.12.2019 New York, NY, USA

The Art of Just Being

In a few more hours, I’m about to let go of a special year in my life that I’m not fully prepared to say goodbye to just yet. I guess it’s difficult this time around because more than just checking off bucket list trips and  big city to do lists, I’ve finally become more confident in myself which is a big deal, if you’ve always been struggling like me.

And you know the best part of it all? Because of everything I learned this past year, I’m not afraid to go beyond my comfort zone anymore (as basic as that sounds). It always took guts for me to do such a thing but I’m happy I’ve moved passed that as I’ve already done so much because of it— attended a class with a bunch of strangers, attended parties without knowing anybody and the biggest of all, worked for a job I thought I would never do, ever (I did customer service) which has brought me to do so many more beautiful things I never thought I’d actually experience. 

…It does pay off when you choose to listen to yourself. It helps you live life with so much  more love, hope and gratitude. I mean getting here was difficult (just how life really is), but I did. I’m here and I’m stronger than ever. 

 It was truly a rocky road of a journey but in my opinion it was still one worth taking because I’ve experienced the most beautiful journey on the way here. I’ve learned to embrace the timeless ripple effect of self love towards the universe and other people- filled with love, appreciation and encouragement.

I’m so  happy that I’ve learned to fully embrace my life as it is, to love myself more than I thought possible and to find purpose in being who I am as I am for other people… This is not to say I have everything figured out but I’ve learned that when you slowly do this, you unlock the secret to treating yourself right and those around you better. 

What a wonder year it truly has been! I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for those of you who continue to have faith in me. To the man up there and the people behind every moment to make me, ME, thank you so much. 

Sometimes it’s knowing that you’re not alone, that keeps moving you forward. 

So a year ago, I  made this birthday tradition to look back and share one of the greatest realizations  I’ve had in my year in the hopes of helping those of you out there who still continue to struggle and try to find the beauty in living. I’m no professional or expert at this field.  I’m just like you trying to figure things out like you and giving back has always been a constant dream  of mine so I thought this would be the perfect gift to all of you to welcome my new year. 

At twenty two, I never thought I’d learn so much about myself as much as I do now. It’s true when they say that things happen only when you choose to make them happen. I did a year for me (which of course is constant and non stop) that I truly believe you deserve to start when you can. It takes a lot to do so much especially when it comes to yourself but what kept me going was finding comfort in all that is for what it is, because things happen for reasons made special for you and not just because. 

If you ask me, one of the greatest realizations I’ve come across this year is the art of being— just realizing that to best fully love yourself is first appreciating what life is as it is for you now. This doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming. It’s simply still doing so while appreciating every little thing  and embracing ever small win.

To those of you who need that extra push to love life further or to actually understand that the life you have right now is beautiful, this one’s for you! 

“Most of the time we keep searching for our greater purpose in life through people, places  and things when the real quest simply lies in understanding ourselves. We’re too caught up on the idea of finding ourselves when all we need to do (to be found) is simply let things be. It’s listening to yourself, acting on what you want, and learning what you like NOW and not waiting for a sign.

This is your real purpose right here- to love and be loved while learning to find the balance of life and appreciating all that is, now.

It’s really in these moments you realize that a life well lived isn’t from the chase to be better than others but it’s by chasing all the wonderful things that brings you joy.

There is really beauty in the NOW. It may not be as pretty as you hoped it would be or as comfortable as you dreamed it would seem but you’re lucky that you have a now to love, to share and to embrace. Don’t take it for granted. You’re lucky to be here and there’s so many good things in your life you need to learn to be more grateful for. "

So if you ask me for advice at 22 well I would just simply say to allow yourself to let loose and to let things be cause doing so brings out a you, that’s so genuine and fulfilled. 

A lot of things still can happen so don’t believe you’ve lost the magic of life cause it’s always there to surprise you.  So, thank you everyone who continuously joins the journey and supports and believes in me. I will always be grateful to each one of you. This year wouldn’t have been the best without yo.

I’m officially letting go of one of the best years of my life with a happy heart. I’m genuinely grateful for all that was but immensely excited for what’s next. Here’s to living a new life chapter with more stories, adventures and just a ton of good vibes and more inspiration. 

Here's to never giving up and knowing that tomorrow is a brand new day. xx

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