7.02.2019 New York, NY, USA

Entry No 1: Checking Up On You

It’s high time we give the appreciation we all deserve. Here’s three words that mean more than just a proper gesture but a big act of appreciation for those who matter.

Saying these words may by simple and I’m sure we've all done it, but when was the last time you genuinely asked yourself and those you love, “how are you?” and fully listened to what they have to say.

Sometimes we take this phrase for granted but in its simplicity can actually mean the world to someone because they are happy to know someone cares. This by far is the best way to show support for others and to keep their hopes up. I can attest to that as I’m one of those people who learned throughout the year to actually say this more often than usual cause it can easily make someone’s day and even make it brighter in some way.

I learned that this simple act of kindness can mean a lifetime of hope to someone and even inspire them to live the life they deserve. That to me is pure joy- knowing that you can be there for others and they can do the same for you in return. It’s these 3 words that make you realize that you are not alone and sometimes all you ever need to help you move forward from any struggle is the constant support of those around you.

This even applies to our own selves. Sometimes if we don’t hit pause to understand how we are, we mindlessly forget to be the person we want to become.

So make that change. Easily turn a day around —or better yet keep high hopes up! Spend some time checking in yourself and other people. Start that difference and pass the support.

You matter and so does everyone else.

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