10.06.2019 New York, NY, USA

Two Years Now | New York City

Can’t believe it has been two years now. 

Two years of making that one big decision that changed my life, forever. 

Two years of choosing to be my best self and constantly learning not to live less than what I deserve. It’s one thing to treat yourself and another to invest in you. These past two years have taught me that it pays off when you do both, choose to listen to yourself and take good care of you. Being more kind to your body, giving more love to your soul and prioritizing both, brings out a you, that’s so genuine and fulfilled. And here I am today, so grateful to be living this life, and giving the life and appreciation that others deserve. 

Two years of making mistakes and being patient with myself. Knowing that the progress is in the process and that the hustle and bustle of life can get the best of you and what matters is that in it you don’t lose the best version of you. You take all the time you need whether it’s to slow down or take a break. It’s okay. At the end of the day, you decide what grows and glows in you. And sometimes, it’s at these moments in life you realize more of yourself. Hold on to that, sunshine. 

Two years of crossing off bucket lists, and surprising myself in the process. Who knew what sacrifice and savings could do— you get to travel to 4 new counties, drink endless amount of coffee, treat your cravings when necessary and overall doing things you love. Hard work pays off and rewarding your every milestone is something I’m all in for and you should too. It’s really the little things. 

Two years of trying to figure out what I really want to do in life. I mean, I don’t have everything set out for me but I do know what I want to work on and that’s trying to build a business advocacy, traveling and being a part-time content creator on sustainability and self love. It’ll take some time but I still fully believe that slowing down and living at your own pace gives more purpose and meaning to life than you could ever imagine. You need to constantly remind yourself that even in uncertainty, you kept breathing and waking up everyday. That’s amazing, to get this far. 

Two years of learning what it truly means to be kind to yourself. Taking the necessary breaks you need and realizing life isn’t all about the grind even if it seems to be. It’s about taking the initial steps from point A to point B. Letting yourself live more mindfully and consciously taking the steps to treat yourself better because just like everyone else, you deserve the same sunshine, light and love like them. 

Two years of embracing life as it is, trying not to let anything online or society affect me. I won’t deny I still have those moments and I choose to acknowledge them but i’m glad I’ve chosen to surround myself with people who bring out the greater me and I remind myself of my beliefs especially with the unexpected. 

Two years of committing to myself and not stopping anytime soon. It sounds crazy now but the best relationships happen when you can give the same love you give others to yourself too. I've always believed that you need to fully love yourself in order to love others fully (time and tested) At the end of the day, it’s your life, your voice, and your story. You need to keep doing you, boo cause those around you, got you too. 

Two years of being spontaneous (more than I thought I ever could). Who knew I had that side of me all along. Being here today, it did pay off cause I’ve done so much already. All I need was a little push and whole lot of self-bravery. Took some time but I'm here now. 

Two years of constantly surprising myself. I'm  now a whole lot stronger, more independent and a lot happier. So to the me of two years now, you are hella amazing! Acknowledging you are a work in progress and believing in yourself more has brought out the best version of you. 

Two years of living in New York City (yah, baby!). Everyday continues to surprise me and that’s why I love you New York. You give me reasons to live and remind me what it means to be the best of me, always. 

And the greatest of all, two years of understanding what true success is. It’s not just about accomplishing big things. It’s getting to actually do small yet greater things for yourself be it treating yourself to your all time favorite food or rewarding yourself with a show or trip. You are your own success story in the making and through this process you grow and bloom  to be the you, the best you, that was in you all along.

So, if you ask me what the greatest thing I learned after living in New York for two years now? It’s really to never lose sight of who you are and never stop believing in what you’re capable of. Work it. Own it. Live your worth no matter who, what or where you are. It’s only when you fully understand that you’re a work in progress when you can achieve many things and be the greatest person you could possibly be. 

To live in a city where you can lose yourself through the hustle &bustle, daily grind and seasonal blues, it always come down to how you treat yourself in and through the process. The best part of this is all which I’ll always be grateful for, is that i’ve always been surrounded with such a support system all the way across the world and even in this city. It takes a lot to have them around. It's always wonderful to have someone supporting and reminding you of the good things around, which I constantly want to do in return,

So, here I am today, with a whole lot of great experiences I'm so grateful for. I couldn't have done it without those around me and most of all the belief I had in myself and the mantra I choose to bring with me wherever I go which is darling, Live Your Worth.  It's time you ask yourself what life you  choose to live. Never be afraid to find out what you'll discover cause the only one who can really judge you is you. These three questions have helped me a lot: Does this make you happy?  Do you want to live with regret? If you don't do this now, when? 

Do all the things that bring you joy because life’s too short to not live your best life and in these moments, you deserve to not just exist, but feel most alive in the process. Feed your curiosity and don’t ever stop. That’s what makes life so amazing! 

It’s not going to be easy. You might not be exactly where you want to be yet but hey, you’re here reading this and you’ve made it this far and that counts big time! 

If it's one thing that has helped me appreciate every step in life is to create milestones and celebrating them  even if it’s just getting to splurge after your first paycheck or when you finally brought yourself up to learn a new skill. I currently am back home after splurging on Shake Shack burger, fries and a milkshake to celebrate my New York-versary. Be proud of you journey cause you’ve gone through so much and all this has brought you here. That’s what makes you, you. And to you beautiful soul, wherever you may be, when get that hint of doubt and fear, do know that you’re not alone. I’m here as much as you are. Having faith isn’t enough without a support system, that keeps you going. 

The Vessel, Hudson Yards, New York City

So embrace all of you- the good parts and even the difficult ones cause the entirety of you is special and every part of you makes you beautiful and less than ordinary. Never believe that you’re not capable of a great life, because you’re capable of turning your life around no matter the time and place. The best part is you are worthy of new beginnings, always. 

A big toast to you, me and everyone who 2 years ago thought they’d never make it here but did it. The past two years have been so amazing and so have you. 

"...And to you New York. Thank you for being a huge part of this journey. Never thought what a city could do to me but now I do know now after calling you home for 2 years. You can be crazy but also really special. You’ve brought out the best and worse in me but through it all, you’ve made helped me trust in the progress of the process. I love you and thank you for never making me stop believing in myself. No place I’d rather be, for now.” 

Love & Light, 

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