6.26.2020 Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Tara, Let's Larga To Baluarte Rest & Relaxation!

“Sometimes, the most productive thing that you can do is to step outside and do nothing... just sit back, relax and enjoy nature.”

Where Bali meets Kyoto in the heart of Murcia in Negros Occidental.

A few months prior to quarantine, we were lucky enough to experience the soft-opening of Baluarte Rest and Relaxation. Just 40 minutes away from Bacolod, we definitely enjoyed being in an oasis of nature where the air is fresh, time is slow and moments feel extra special. From the Bali-inspired cabins to the Kyoto-inspired bamboo forests, as well as the amazing food, company and staff, we really got the chance to unplug from the busyness of our daily lives and reconnect with what matters.

So, as a small local project for Okay Let's Go, we decided to start Tara, Lets Larga! which will be a little space on the internet for us to share some local spots we visit in the Philippines! It gives us something to look forward to, and all of the good (travel) vibes, so we hope it does the same for you.

Baluarte, living up to it’s name is definitely a hidden paradise ready to be part of your next larga (translated to “go” in Hiligaynon) list. No wifi. Great food, surroundings and company. Here’s a little more about our stress-free & personalized experience when we visited!

Hacienda Baluarte, Alegria, Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines 

Friendly, Responsive and All Smiles / Ready to Make your Experience your Own. 
** The resort hires locals in order to provide jobs and livelihood to the families in this highland community. **

It was like no other.
Upon check-in, you are offered a refreshing glass of kalamansi juice, made with kalamansi grown locally in the resort. (Also, the place is a sustainability advocate, so even if we asked not to have straws, the option actually isn’t even available.)

It’s in the details. 

Upon entering our rooms, we were welcomed by a customized sign that made the space feel extra homey and comfortable. The rooms were labeled with the different fruits grown in the resort, and each room was designed & decorated beautifully by Tita Carcar Lizares.

There are only two room types and a total of eight (8) rooms. Please find below the rates and provisions for overnight accommodations:
Woodside Duplex Cabanas (2 pax) – P2,500.00
Bamboo Side Rooms (2 pax) – P2,200.00

Extra Person – PhP250 per head (Approx $5)
Maximum of 4 pax per room
No extra charge for children 10 years old and below
All rooms have air-conditioning and two (2) double beds
Free use of swimming pool for billeted guests

Ilonggo Comfort Food

We definitely enjoyed the quaint restaurant that served not only the best food but also the best views. Open from 7am to 10pm, nestle yourself in the foothills of Mt. Marapara as you enjoy some delicious Ilonggo comfort food. 

Breakfast was amazing, as was the native Murcia coffee (and their local delicacy alupi is something you shouldn’t miss out on)! We also loved how great dinner was and because it was so good we couldn't remember to document the moment. 

How homey and special they made us feel the whole time we were there! We were lucky to have met Tita Carcar Lizares, who treated us like family and made sure we had the most relaxing time. 


(1) Fresh Water Pool 
It was crystal clear, and the temperature stayed cool so taking a dip was so refreshing.

(2) Duyan Area
Lie in a hammock, play your favorite tunes, and let the breeze, the birds and the swing rock you to sleep.

(3) Outdoor Lounge Area
Play cards, hang out with pals and have a lovely chat or two.

Overall, we can’t wait to visit again! We’d really like to thank Tita Carcar and Tito JoEd for making our experience extra special. It was definitely one of the most memorable relaxing trips we've had and we hope you get the chance to experience this beautiful place for yourself too. 


Mobile: (0917) 595-7177 or (0923) 090-1548
FB Page: BaluarteRRR
IG Page: @baluarternr

** What are you waiting for? Tara, Let's Larga soon! **

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